Zenmed Oil-Free Day Lotion for Problematic and Sensitive Skin - 88ml

Zenmed Oil-Free Day Lotion for Problematic and Sensitive Skin - 88ml

  • Nourishing moisturiser for problem skin
  • Reduces shine and ideal under makeup & sunscreen
  • Contains Vitamins B5 and E
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Zenmed Oil-Free Day Lotion is a lightweight, water-based, non-greasy moisturiser that can soothe and nourish troubled skin, helping to restore its natural oil balance.

Many commonly sold lotions, moisturisers, and other skincare products contain harsh substances that can strip essential oils, dry out skin, or aggravate problem skin by clogging pores. This lotion is free of ingredients that clog pores and contains no synthetic colours, or fragrance. It is also free of lanolin and petrochemicals, which some people can be sensitive to.

Its ingredients, including Vitamins B5 and E, work gently to reduce excess oil and shine, maintain a stable skin pH, and restore moisture and nutrients to the skin. This leaves it looking and feeling supple and healthy.

The lotion is ideal as one of the final steps in your daily skincare treatment for troubled skin, after cleansing and/or exfoliating, or to use under makeup or sunscreen.


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For best results, use ZENMED – Oil-Free Day Lotion after cleansing and exfoliating with suitable, irritant-free products. Massage gently and evenly into the face and neck areas and allow the skin to absorb it.

Use as often as required, and follow it with a suitable sunscreen, if using during the day. It can also be applied before makeup.


Zenmed Oil-Free Day Lotion is only for external use. Keep it away from children and, when applying around the delicate eye area, avoid contact with the eyes.

Although this lotion is free of known irritants, always check skincare products for hypersensitivities before using.

If irritation or other reaction occurs, discontinue use and consult a medical professional if symptoms do not ease.

Side Effects

Zenmed Oil-Free Day Lotion has no recognised side effects and is not known to affect, or be affected by, other medicinal products.

Scientific Research

For people with Acne

HelloSkin’s experts have not been able to find any data on the use of Zenmed Oil-Free Daily Lotion in people with acne. The product is a general skin moisturiser, which contains glycerol.

Glycerol is a substance found naturally in the skin where it helps attract and retain water from the deeper skin layers, thereby helping hydrating and moisturising the skin (1). Moisturising is important also when you suffer from acne.

In this product, there is no oil, which is an advantage in acne treatment, since too much oil can clog the pores and lead to further acne lesions.


  1. Dermatol Ther. 2004;17 Suppl 1:49-56
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