Tepso Ladies' Slip Frictionless Underwear for Women

Tepso Ladies' Slip Frictionless Underwear for Women

  • Minimises irritation & itch in the most sensitive regions
  • Made from ultra-smooth, friction-free fabric
  • Perfect for psoriasis & atopic dermatitis
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The Tepso Ladies’ Slip uses specially designed fabric to help women with psoriasis reduce friction and irritation from wearing underwear.

This is a frequent challenge for women with problem skin in the genital and/or anal area. The irritation, burn, and itch from psoriasis or eczema can be unbearable.

With friction-free Tepso® fabric, the Tepso Ladies’ Slip can be worn with the confidence that it will not aggravate the skin; in fact, most women can wear their normal clothes over it while hardly noticing that they have the slip on.

It is designed to be quite ‘invisible’ and allows the skin to breath while its elasticity also provides high comfort.

The slip even has a lacy appearance that maintains an elegant look, while it performs its main task of protecting the skin and keeping you comfortable throughout the day, whatever you’re wearing over it and whatever you’re doing.

The labels and seams are positioned on the outside of the slip, so that they don’t create itch.

Apart from the Ladies’ Slip, Tepso also makes other clothing designed for psoriasis and eczema. This includes underwear for men and children, leggings, and shirts, as well as accessories such as elbow protectors, gloves, and socks.


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It is recommended that you wash the Tepso Ladies’ Slip thoroughly by hand. This will reduce the risk of detergent residues remaining in the fabric and causing irritation.

Wash with warm or hot water; the Tepso fabric can withstand most temperatures and is also resistant to most detergents.

Washing by hand also helps maintain the integrity of the Tepso material – and the slips will keep their shape well even after washing frequently.


No reactions between Tepso® yarn and other materials are known.

Scientific Research

For people with Psoriasis

HelloSkin’s experts were unable to find clinical data on the use of Tepso Ladies’ Slip in people with psoriasis or other dry skin conditions.

For people with Eczema

HelloSkin’s experts were unable to find clinical data on the use of Tepso Ladies’ Slip in people with atopic dermatitis.

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