Tepso Gloves Premium extra strong to prevent psoriasis creams from rubbing off

Tepso Gloves Premium extra strong to prevent psoriasis creams from rubbing off

  • Durable all-day-wear gloves to protect sensitive hands
  • Fit snugly to the shape of the hand
  • Prevent psoriasis creams from rubbing off
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Tepso Gloves Premium are an extra-durable version of the night gloves made by the same manufacturer.

They are designed to combat the problem of psoriasis cream or ointment rubbing off during the day. Because more of the cream remains in contact with, and is absorbed by, the skin, it can improve the effect of topical preparations, without impeding everyday domestic or work tasks.

Despite being strong enough to stand up to daily wear and tear, the fabric feels smooth on the hands and is designed to feel light and comfortable, with the inner side leaving the skin feeling soothed and fresh.

The Tepso® material’s elastic quality helps to shape the gloves so that they fit snugly to the hand. It is low in friction and, because it is a patented material and not simply coated with a chemical, it retains its effect over time.

Studies using this material have demonstrated a significant reduction of lesions. This may mean that psoriasis sufferers are able to reduce their usage of creams.

What are Tepso Gloves Premium made of?

Tepso Gloves Premium consist of the following materials:

  • 51% Tepso®
  • 44% Polyamide
  • 5% Elastane

The Tepso® fabric is compact and extremely smooth. It helps minimise skin friction when wearing the gloves (its friction coefficient is lower than most other fabrics).


If you are using psoriasis creams and ointments, this may periodically result in small stains forming on the gloves.

Washing these out by hand will help to ensure that detergent residues do not remain on the gloves and affect the hands. It also helps maintain the integrity of the material.

The gloves maintain their stable shape even with regular washing and the fabric is sturdy enough to withstand most temperatures and detergents.


The Tepso Gloves Premium is specifically designed to be worn during the day; other gloves are recommended for night wear.

These gloves are intended to supplement your normal treatments rather than replace them.

There are no known reactions between Tepso® yarn and other materials.

Scientific Research

For people with Psoriasis

HelloSkin’s experts did not find any clinical data on the use of Tepso Gloves Premium in people with psoriasis or other skin conditions.

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