PIZ BUIN Wet Skin Transparent Sun Spray SPF30 - 150ml

PIZ BUIN Wet Skin Transparent Sun Spray SPF30 - 150ml

  • Effective protection from UVA & UVB radiation
  • Just as effective on wet skin as dry
  • Convenient, light, non-sticky & non-greasy
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PIZ BUIN Wet Skin Transparent Sun Spray SPF30 is one of the many sun protection products by Johnson & Johnson.

The main difference between this spray and others in the PIZ BUIN range is that it is specifically designed to be used on wet skin, which makes it ideal for time at the beach or in the swimming pool. You don’t even have to dry off before applying the spray.

The problem with some sun lotions is that they only adhere well to dry skin. This sun spray is equally as effective on wet skin as it is on dry skin, and retains its powerful protective qualities against the sun’s harmful rays.

PIZ BUIN Wet Skin Transparent Sun Spray SPF30 filters out UVA and UVB rays using an advanced protection system. These are two of the sun’s most harmful forms of radiation, being responsible not only for burning the outer skin, but also penetrating deeper and potentially causing damage to collagen and elastin levels.

Collagen and elastin are natural substances occurring in the body, helping to keep skin looking young and healthy. Protecting their damage also protects skin against premature aging.

Additionally, this spray contains Vitamin E. This antioxidant is associated with helping to keep skin young and healthy-looking, protecting against free radicals that can cause damage to cells and age the skin.

This transparent spray cuts through water, rather than mixing with it on the surface of the skin. Its oil and alcohol content means that it remains effective when applied with water on the skin, forming a separate layer to the water droplets. Its polyester, resin, and silicone content mean that it doesn’t peel on wet skin, and instead remains effective at protecting it.

Available in the UK, PIZ BUIN Wet Skin Transparent Sun Spray SPF30 is a convenient, light, non-sticky and non-greasy formula for people to use around water.

This spray carries an SPF30 classification. Bear in mind that you should also consider your skin type and the sun’s UV index before estimating how long you can stay out in the sun without burning. This estimation is important for knowing when to reapply the product for ultimate protection.


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Before exposure to the sun, spray this formula evenly over the skin. Note that you should use a liberal amount to provide full protection against the sun’s rays.

Do not spray directly on the face. Instead, spray onto the hands and then smooth onto the face using the fingertips.

Though this spray is effective in the water, you should reapply after activities that cause sweating or after swimming and towelling dry.


PIZ BUIN Wet Skin Transparent Sun Spray SPF30 should not be sprayed directly onto the face, as contact with the eyes should be avoided.

Store away from children as this spray is flammable. Never spray on a naked flame.

Some people may be allergic to the ingredients in this product. Check them carefully before using. If you experience a skin reaction, stop using the spray and consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Side Effects

PIZ BUIN Wet Skin Transparent Sun Spray SPF30 is not associated with any side effects. No interactions with medicinal products have been reported.

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