PIZ BUIN Moisturising Sun Lipstick SPF30 4.9g

PIZ BUIN Moisturising Sun Lipstick SPF30 4.9g

  • Lip protection against UVA & UVB rays
  • Intense moisturising effect with aloe vera
  • For use by men and women
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PIZ BUIN Moisturising Sun Lipstick SPF30 is part of a range of branded sun protection products belonging to Johnson & Johnson.

This sun lipstick is designed to provide strong sun protection and moisturisation for the lips. As with other sun lotions and sprays in the range, this lipstick uses an advanced UVA and UVB protection system.

UVA rays are able to penetrate quite deep into the skin and may cause damage to collagen and elastin reserves. These help the skin to remain fresh and young, as damaging either collagen or elastin can cause a premature aging appearance.

UVB rays burn the skin’s upper layers, so it’s important to protect your lips against these too.

As well as protecting against sun damage, PIZ BUIN Moisturising Sun Lipstick SPF30 contains aloe vera, which is a natural and potent moisturiser. It has powerful soothing properties that calm the skin.

The lipstick also contains the powerful natural antioxidant Vitamin E. This offers longer term protection from free radicals, which can damage skin cells and lead to premature skin aging.

The sun lipstick is vanilla flavoured and can be used by both men and women. Its moisturising effect will prevent lips from chapping as well as offering sun protection.

This lipstick is classified as SPF30. However, note that factors such as the sun’s UV index and your skin type, will affect the amount of time you can spend in the sun without burning. Make sure to reapply the product regularly for lasting protection.


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Ideally, apply the sun lipstick before exposure to the sun by passing the stick over the lips. Use a liberal amount evenly over the entire lip area to offer the best protection. Note that reducing the amount will also reduce the level of protection.

Reapply the lipstick after swimming, towelling dry, or after activities that cause sweating.


PIZ BUIN Moisturising Sun Lipstick SPF30 is for external use.

Check the ingredients for any known allergies and, in the case of a skin reaction, stop using it immediately and consult a pharmacist or doctor, if symptoms persist.

Side Effects

PIZ BUIN Moisturising Sun Lipstick SPF30 is not associated with any side effects. There are no known interactions with other medicinal products.

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