Odylique Silk-Touch Cleanser for Psoriasis & Dry Skin - 95g

Odylique Silk-Touch Cleanser for Psoriasis & Dry Skin - 95g

  • Very effective yet gentle
  • Cleanses & hydrates sensitive skin
  • 100% natural, 98% organic
  • Special price because of short shelf life (28/02/2019)
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Odylique Silk-Touch is a mild double-action cleanser, that effectively cleanses and moisturises dry and sensitive skin. Its oil-gel texture absorbs both dirt, impurities and make-up on contact with water, transforming them into an easy-to-rinse milk like texture, that leaves your skin feeling softer, smoother and more supple for a long-lasting (up to 8 hours!) hydrating effect.

It’s the perfect product for conscious individuals, who appreciate thoughtful businesses who work to provide their customers with the best available ingredients and products. This Silk-Touch Cleanser, similarly to many other products from the Odylique range is 100% natural and uses recyclable packaging. It is also suitable for vegans and has 98% organic contents.

It wouldn’t be available on Helloskin if it wasn’t suitable for condition skin, which means that Odylique Silk Touch cleanser is also suited for people who look for appropriate skincare routine for their psoriasis, as this gel not only is not harmful towards the skin, but also if effective in soothing the troubling symptoms, such as dryness and flaking. It does so by using the hydrating Vitamin E, Omega 6 and sunflower oil as well as calming lavender.

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First wet the face with warm water. Then apply a small amount of product on to the face and gently massage it in circular motion. Beware of contact with mucus areas such as eyes and mouth. Rinse and you're set!

Top tip: Alternatively use a warm damp cloth to wipe of the remaining product for an additional deep cleanse.


Avoid contact with the eyes.

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