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Odylique Repair Lotion for Psoriasis & Dry Skin - 60ml

Odylique Repair Lotion for Psoriasis & Dry Skin - 60ml

  • 100% natural, vegan and 94% organic
  • Reduces itching, soothes and relieves red, cracked skin
  • With chamomile, aloe, chickweed, rosemary and other natural ingredients
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Odylique Repair Lotion is a gentle calming lotion that is designed to relieve the skin that is dry and cracked. It uses the properties of chamomile, aloe juice and biodynamic chickweed to soothe and soften the skin as well as ease itching.

This product, similarly to many other Odylique products is 100% natural and uses recyclable packaging. It is also 94% organic and suitable for vegans.


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Use a small amount of the product to the affected areas of the skin. Use when necessary.


Avoid contact with mucus areas on the skin.

Side Effects

There are no reported side effects after using this product, however, do check the ingredient list for any possible allergies.

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