Odylique Calendula Balm for Psoriasis & Dry Skin - 20g

Odylique Calendula Balm for Psoriasis & Dry Skin - 20g

  • Suitable for Psoriasis, relieves cracked and red skin
  • Multi-purpose soothing balm
  • 100% natural, with chamomile, shea and coconut
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Odylique Calendula Balm is a convenient multi-purpose balm, that can be used almost anywhere on the body to repair skin that is cracked, red or dry, including on knees, heels, elbows or even chapped lips. It’s 100% natural and organic, as the company cares deeply about the potential effect that regular skincare products have on health as well as the environment. The packaging of this balm therefore is made of 100% recycled milk bottles and is entirely recyclable.

The balm acts by using the calming properties of chamomile, richly moisturising by the use of raw Shea and Coconut, that are high in vitamins and are especially hydrating.

It applies very smoothly, and is highly effective in soothing and softening skin despite its gentle formula.


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Apply a thin layer of the balm on the affected areas of the skin. Repeat when necessary. Can be used as often as desired.


Avoid contact with eyes.

Side Effects

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