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Ladival Sun Kids Lotion SPF50+ Suitable for Eczema - 200ml

Ladival Sun Kids Lotion SPF50+ Suitable for Eczema - 200ml

  • Sun protection for kids with sensitive skin
  • Suitable for children with eczema
  • Broad spectrum with Infrared-A protection
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Ladival Sun Kids Lotion SPF50+ is part of a wide range of sun protection lotions, gels, and sprays from a German brand that has become well established in the UK.

This easy-to-apply lotion is specifically designed for use by children. It is suitable for kids with sensitive skin, even if they are suffering from eczema.

At SPF50+, it offers some of the strongest protection available against the harmful effects of the sun. It is gentle, non-greasy, absorbed quickly by the skin and extra water resistant. This makes it ideal for children who are out in the sun, swimming all day, as it provides immediate protection against prickly heat and sun allergies.

The lotion is photostable and provides broad-spectrum protection against the sun’s radiation; but it not only protects skin against the harmful effects of UV-A and UV-B rays, like some sun lotions. In fact, these rays account for only 7 percent of the sun’s rays. It also protects against Infrared-A, which accounts for another 30 percent of the rays. The makers of Ladival Sun Kids Lotion SPF50+ therefore claim to offer four times the protection of most sun lotions on the market, which only offer defence against UV-A and UV-B.

For children with sensitive skin, what a sun lotion does not contain is just as important as what it does contain. This lotion is completely free of preservatives, perfumes, colorants, fats, parabens, and PEG emulsifiers. These artificial chemicals may be found in standard sun lotions and other skincare treatments. The problem is that they can dry skin out, cause irritation, and aggravate skin conditions.

By avoiding these chemicals, Ladival products guarantee a gentle action that is suitable for sensitive skin types.


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Apply a liberal and even amount of the lotion over exposed skin areas 15-20 minutes before your child goes out in the sun.

Even though the lotion is water-resistant and protects your child in the water, make sure you reapply after swimming or bathing, throughout the day.

Frequency of reapplication will depend on the sun’s UV index, the sensitivity of your child’s skin to sun, and whether your child is swimming and towelling dry regularly.


Use Ladival Sun Kids Lotion SPF50+ externally only and avoid contact with eyes. It can be used by children under supervision.

Check all ingredients for allergies before your child starts using this lotion.

If they experience an unwanted or unexpected skin reaction, stop using it and speak to your doctor or pharmacist, if irritation persists.

Side Effects

Ladival Sun Kids Lotion SPF50+ has no associated side effects. It is not known to interact with any other medicinal products.

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