KIMOVI Cream With Salt and Gel With Salt package for psoriasis & dry or irritated skin - 2x 150ml

  • Helps with dry, sensitive, red & itching skin
  • Assists in preventing bacterial infections
  • Restores natural healing function
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KIMOVI Cream With Salt

KIMOVI Cream With Salt is a therapeutic cream designed to help with skin that has become dry, irritated, or damaged.

It avoids the common irritants that are frequently found in other skincare products. These include fragrances, parabens, and colourants that can strip skin of oils and do further damage to problem skin.

KIMOVI Cream With Salt contains two key ingredients that assist with soothing and treating damaged skin. Firstly, KIVOMI products contain Kigelia Africana. This is an African fruit with the power to nurture and restructure the skin, restoring integrity and providing lasting relief to people suffering from skin problems.

The cream combines this fruit with Sülbeck Thermal Salt. This is similar to Dead Sea Salt, which is renowned the world over for its skin healing properties.

High concentrations of Sülbeck Thermal Salt (28%) in this cream provide a cleansing and disinfectant effect. It helps to clear the skin of harmful bacteria and assists in preventing infection.

Whether your skin is simply dry, delicate, damaged by the sun, or excessively itchy, you will find that this cream is able to soothe and stabilise it. It can also help with skin that has become scaly, as in some dry skin conditions.

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KIMOVI Gel With Salt

KIMOVI Gel With Salt is designed to help treat a range of skin disorders, from skin that is excessively damaged to flaky, or reddened skin. It can also be used on the scalp to ease the problem of itchy or flaky skin.

This gel provides a barrier for red, flaky, and impure skin. It can relieve itch and reduce the urge to scratch skin on the body or scalp. As well as helping the skin to restore stability, balance, and natural healing processes, several KIMOVI Gel With Salt reviews suggest that it can supplement medical treatment of skin problems. It may act as a useful treatment during rest periods from medication.

The gel has a non-oily texture and is quickly absorbed by the skin.

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