KIMOVI Cream and Gel package for delicate skin & psoriasis - 2x 150ml

  • Cream & Gel package for dry and irritated skin
  • Helps restore and stabilise skin
  • Suitable for children & adults
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KIMOVI Cream is a mild and soothing treatment designed to ease the symptoms of dry and sensitive skin. This includes skin that is red and irritated, and skin that has been damaged by the sun.

It is considered mild because it is free of the fragrances, colorants, and parabens that are often found in skincare treatments. These can irritate sensitive skin or skin affected by a condition, often worsening its health and appearance.

Now available in the UK, KIMOVI Cream contains two ingredients from Africa in particular that are well associated with restoring skin: Shea Butter and Kigelia Africana.

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KIMOVI Gel forms a thin barrier layer on the skin to protect it from potential external factors that can irritate or damage it.

This is especially useful for sensitive and delicate skin, for instance in people suffering from a skin condition. Where skin on the body or scalp has become itchy or flaky, or has been damaged by the effects of the sun, this gel may help.

KIMOVI Gel excludes many of the irritants and sensitizers that are commonly found in skin treatments. These include preservatives likes parabens, as well as colourants and fragrances that can cause further complications in skin that is already sensitive and damaged.

Instead, it uses the proven healing power of nature to restore the natural healing abilities of the skin. Kigelia Africana is derived from the fruit of a tropical African tree and is included in all KIMOVI products.

Find full description, ingredients and usage directions here >>

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