Gladskin Skin Irritation Gel for Itchy & Inflamed Skin - 30ml

Gladskin Skin Irritation Gel for Itchy & Inflamed Skin - 30ml

  • For easing itchy, irritated, inflamed skin
  • Free of perfumes & doesn’t block pores
  • For use all over the body including sensitive areas
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Gladskin Skin Irritation Gel is specially formulated to help relieve the irritation and inflammation associated with sensitive skin.

Like other products in the Gladskin range, its main active ingredient is an enzyme called Staphefekt™. This helps to clear bacteria (notably S. areus bacteria) that can irritate skin, especially after shaving or waxing, or if you are prone to folliculitis.

However, it does this without harming the other beneficial bacteria necessary for optimal skin health.

Its glycerin content means that this gel also works to maintain optimal moisture levels in the skin, avoiding the problems associated with drying the skin out. It is a water-based gel that is easy to apply, can be used anywhere on the body (including sensitive areas like the underarms and genital areas) and can even be applied to hairy areas of skin.

It is free of known allergens like perfume, parabens, alcohol, acid, and lanolin. Additionally, the gel has no associated side effects, and does not block pores.

You can find other specialist products for skin conditions like acne and eczema in the Gladskin range too – also available on this site.


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Apply a thin layer of Gladskin Skin Irritation Gel to areas of itchy, irritated skin all over the body. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and clean away the gel residue afterwards, if necessary.

Repeat this process 2-3 times per day for best results – especially in the morning and evening.

Afterwards, you can apply your other preferred skin care products as required.

You should feel an immediate soothing effect from the gel, though the full beneficial effects may take up to two months.


Gladskin Skin Irritation Gel is for external use. Do not leave within reach of children and avoid contact with the eyes when applying.

If there is accidental contact with the eyes, use clean water to rinse it out thoroughly.

Use the gel only on intact skin and check the ingredients for possible hypersensitivities before deciding to use.

Stop using the gel if you do experience an adverse skin reaction - and consult a pharmacist or doctor if symptoms continue.

Side Effects

Gladskin Skin Irritation Gel has no reported side effects.

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