Gladskin Acne Gel Clears Acne-Forming Bacteria - 30ml

Gladskin Acne Gel Clears Acne-Forming Bacteria - 30ml

  • Reduces spots & inflammation
  • For daily use for as long as required
  • Clears skin bacteria
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Gladskin Acne Gel is specially formulated to clear specific skin bacteria whilst leaving the ‘good’ bacteria that skin requires for optimal health.

This gel is designed for daily use on the face or the body and, with regular use, will help to ease the prevalence of spots and the inflammation associated with acne.

There is a misconception about skin care that all bacteria are potentially harmful to skin. In fact, of the many types, very few contribute to acne and most are essential for healthy skin.

This gel attacks the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. It includes the active enzyme Staphefekt™, which kills the bacteria without harming other bacteria on your skin.

Gladskin Acne Gel is a water-based gel that does not block pores and is free of potential irritants like perfume, parabens, acids, lanolin, and alcohol.

It can be used long-term to calm skin and help control spots and redness by protecting the skin from acne.

This gel is part of a wider range of products from Gladskin – all of which use the active enzyme Staphefekt™ to help sufferers of acne, eczema, rosacea, and other skin problems improve their skin health.


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Apply Gladskin Acne Gel directly to the affected areas of skin twice per day – preferably in the morning and evening.

Leave it on the skin for approximately 5-10 minutes.

You may want to clear the gel residue afterwards but it is not necessary to do so.

Note that it may take up to two months to see results, though some users experience more rapid improvements in their condition.


Use Gladskin Acne Gel externally only. Avoid contact with the eyes and keep away from children.

Use the gel on intact skin and check the ingredients before use. If there is possible hypersensitivity to any ingredient, do not use it.

If you do experience an unwanted skin reaction from the gel, stop using it. Consult your skin specialist if symptoms persist.

Side Effects

Gladskin Acne Gel has no known side effects.

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