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EVY Sunscreen Mousse Kids SPF 30 - 150ml

EVY Sunscreen Mousse Kids SPF 30 - 150ml

  • High SPF protection for kids
  • Non-sticky and leaves no residue on the skin
  • Suitable for children 6 months onwards
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EVY Sunscreen Mousse Kids SPF 30 is ideally formulated to keep the little ones protected from sun rays while allowing their skin to breathe due to EVY’s non-greasy, no-residue technology.

Kids from 6 months up may use the product, as EVY Sunscreen Mousse Kids SPF 30 has a gentle, hypoallergenic formulation while providing intensive sun protection. EVY Sunscreen Mousse Kids SPF 30 is also waterproof and long-lasting (stays on the skin for 6 hours), prompting a lesser need for reapplication even after swimming, drying, or sweating.

The extra mild formula makes it suitable not only for kids but also for individuals with skin allergies and skin conditions like vitiligo. This is because EVY Sunscreen Mousse Kids SPF 30 also reinforces the skin’s protection with every use.

Children with sensitive skin can benefit from the sunscreen mousse because the technology prevents pore-clogging which enables the skin to breathe. Plus, EVY Sunscreen Mousse Kids SPF 30 does not contain preservatives, nanoparticles, alcohol, and even fragrance, so the product is safe to use by individuals with even the most sensitive skin.

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  1. Before using, shake the EVY Sunscreen mousse bottle
  2. Hold the bottle upside down and push the nozzle gently to let out a good amount of the mousse (it is better to let out smaller amounts of the product more often)
  3. Rub the product between your palms until it transforms to a liquid-like consistency and apply the product in the areas of the body
  4. Let the mousse dry before swimming
  5. The EVY Sunscreen Mousse should ideally dry in five to ten minutes. If it feels dry, you may need to use more product; if it takes long to dry, remove the excess by rinsing with water.

Consult your doctor first before using EVY Sunscreen Mousse Kids SPF 30 if you (or your children) are allergic to any of its ingredients.

All EVY products are hypoallergenic and are suitable even for sensitive skin, but should rashes or skin irritations develop, discontinue the product use.

Side Effects

There are no known side effects for EVY Sunscreen Mousse Kids SPF 30.

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