Doublebase Emollient Bath Additive for Chapped Skin - 500ml

Doublebase Emollient Bath Additive for Chapped Skin - 500ml

  • Bath additive with moisturising effects that protects the skin
  • Contains no fragrances and foaming additives
  • Works in the treatment of dry or chapped skin conditions, incl. psoriasis
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Doublebase Emollient Bath Additive is a treatment for your skin that helps treat chapped or dry skin conditions characterized by soreness, reddening and itching. These conditions include psoriasis, elderly pruritus, ichtyosis, dermatitis, different forms of eczema and other disorders defined by dry skin.

The product should be added to the warm bath water and can be used by people of all ages, including babies. The active ingredient, liquid paraffin, is an emollient that, when added to the bath, helps to protect, moisturise and soften the skin by forming a protective cover on the skin that traps moisture and protects the normal skin function.

Doublebase Emollient Bath Additive can prevent the irritating and drying effects created by fragrances, foaming additives and soaps in regular bath products.

This product can be used together with other emollients and treatments prescribed to you. Make sure to leave sufficient time between two treatments for the preceding one to get absorped by the skin.


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For full benefit use this bath additive for every bath you take.

For adults, elderly and children:

  • Give the bottle a quick shake before use
  • Add 1.5 to 2 capfuls (15ml to 20ml) to the warm water of a regular sized bath
  • Soak in the bath water for 10 to 20 minutes making sure that all affected skin areas are covered
  • Use a soft towel to pat the skin dry – avoid rubbing, which worsen dry skin conditions

For infants and babies:

  • Give the bootle a shake before use
  • Add 0.5 to 1 capfuls (5ml to 10ml) to the warm water of a small bath
  • Soak for 10 to 20 minutes or continually sponge the bath water over the affected areas of skin
  • Avoid rubbing the affected skin with a towel, instead gently pat the skin dry by using a soft towel

If you or your child accidentally get the bath emollient in the eyes, rinse genereously with clean water. If irritation continues, pursue advice from a doctor.


Do not use the product if you or your child is allergic/hypersensitive to liquid paraffin or other ingredients in the formulation. Always take a look at the list of ingredients before use.

Be careful when getting in and out of the bath, as it can make the bath very slippery. Clean the bath with a detergent of your own choice to remove residual greasiness (and avoid irritating the hands by wearing e.g. rubber gloves for cleaning).

There are no known interaction effects between Doublebase Emollient Bath Additive and other medicines.

Pregnant and breastfeeding can use this product. The ingredients are used extensively in other formulations, and have been so for many years, without problems. Yet, no safety trials have been conducted.

Side Effects

Doublebase Emollient Bath Additive has been specifically designed for use on problematic and dry skin, but in some rare cases it may lead to mild local reactions on very sensitive skin.

In case your condition looks or feels worsened, stop using the bath emollient and let your doctor or pharmacist know about it. The same goes if you experience any side effects not mentioned here.

If you by accident swallow the substance the oily ingredients can cause diarrhoea. If it happens treat the symptoms as you normally would and drink plenty of water. Do not try to vomit.

Scientific Research

For people with Psoriasis

HelloSkin’s experts found no clinical data on the impact of Doublebase Emollient Bath Additive on psoriatic lesions.

However, the product contains liquid paraffin which creates a water impermeable film on the skin surface. This helps to trap water in the skin and thereby reduces evaporation from the skin surface. Water evaporation is increased in psoriatic lesions compared with normal skin (1).

Also, the product contains glycerol, which is a natural component of the skin and which help attract and retain water from the air and deeper skin layers, and is important for moisturising the skin (2).


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  2. Dermatol Ther. 2004;17 Suppl 1:49-56
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