Diprobase Emollient Lotion for Mild Eczema and Dry Skin- 300ml

Diprobase Emollient Lotion for Mild Eczema and Dry Skin- 300ml

  • Emollient for mild eczema & other dry skin conditions
  • For use by infants & children, as well as adults
  • Helps prevent future flare ups
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The Diprobase range includes a cream, ointment, and lotion for treating eczema and other dry skin conditions of all severities.

These products are all emollients that rehydrate the skin and help to restore its natural moisturising properties.

Diprobase Lotion is for mild eczema and contains ingredients that help to restore the skin’s protective barrier. This is one of the keys to healthy skin because it reduces evaporation and locks in moisture, allowing the skin to moisturise itself and preventing it from drying out.

In people with a dry skin condition, this barrier has often been damaged, meaning moisture is regularly lost and irritants get in, aggravating the skin and making it look and feel worse. Many common soaps and cleansers don’t help, because they often contain irritants that aggravate the condition.

This lotion is free from such chemicals. In helping to restore the skin’s natural protection system, it reduces itchiness and makes the skin feel smoother, softer, and more elastic.

It has a non-greasy and light texture, and can be used as regularly as needed on large areas of the skin. The lotion is easily absorbed and babies and children can use it as well as adults.

When used as part of the daily skincare routine, it can also prevent future flare ups of the condition.


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Diprobase Lotion is best applied liberally to affected areas of dry skin, immediately after washing. Smooth it across the skin until it is absorbed. Use it as often as required.

The lotion can also be used as a cleanser on moist skin, and should be rinsed off afterwards.


Diprobase Lotion is not to be ingested and contact with the eyes should be avoided.

Always store this product out of reach of children.

Check the list of ingredients and do not use if you are allergic to any of them. In the case of undesirable effects such as skin irritation or rash, stop using the lotion immediately and consult with your pharmacist or skin specialist.

Side Effects

There are no known side effects of using Diprobase Lotion other than for people with hypersensitivity to the ingredients. No interactions with other medicinal products have been reported to date.

Scientific Research

For people with Psoriasis

HelloSkin’s experts were unable to find any scientific data on the use of Diprobase Lotion in people with psoriasis. However, the product contains petrolatum and glycerin. Both ingredients are known to help attract and retain water in the skin, thereby helping to keep the skin hydrated and moist (1).

In dry skin conditions, including psoriasis, water loss from the upper skin layer is linked to a reduced skin barrier function, which may be worsening the disease symptoms (2). Water evaporation is increased in psoriatic lesions compared with normal skin (3).


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