Dermatonics Hand Balm with Urea for Psoriasis & Dry Skin - 60ml

Dermatonics Hand Balm with Urea for Psoriasis & Dry Skin - 60ml

  • Hand balm for rough, dry skin
  • Suitable for use on cracked skin
  • 10% urea provides strong moisturising action
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Dermatonics Once Hand Balm is for use on persistently dry, rough skin, where many other emollients have been unable to help. It can be used on cracked skin and is suitable for use by diabetics.

The balm is designed for convenience keeping the user in mind – with only one application per day necessary to see positive effects. However, it can be used up to three times per day if required.

Its powerful moisturising action comes mainly from its 10% urea content. Urea is a natural humectant found in the upper layers of healthy skin and helping to draw moisture to it. Where skin is dry, urea levels may be depleted, so replenishing urea can help to restore hydration.

This hand balm also contains glycerin, another natural humectant, as well as liquid paraffin, which has proven emollient effects on the skin. These are combined with shea butter and natural oils, such as olive and papaya.

It is absorbed rapidly by the skin and is fast-acting. It is also free of lanolin, and artificial colorants, which can irritate dry skin. The balm contains a hypoallergenic fragrance & avoids many of the irritants that are commonly used in similar products.

Dermatonics Once Hand Balm is a part of a larger range of products from the brand Dermatonics. These include Once Heel Balm, Heel Balm Mint, and Dry Skin Balm.


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Apply Dermatonics Once Hand Balm once a day (or up to three times if required) by massaging a little of the balm into affected areas of skin on the hands.


Dermatonics Once Hand Balm is for external use only.

Before use, check the ingredients for possible allergies.

In the event of a rash or skin irritation developing, stop using the hand balm and, if symptoms persist, consult a doctor or pharmacist.

Side Effects

There are no known side effects of using Dermatonics Once Heel Balm.

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