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Dermalo Bath Emollient for Atopic Dermatitis, Eczema and Other Dry Skin Conditions - 500ml

Dermalo Bath Emollient for Atopic Dermatitis, Eczema and Other Dry Skin Conditions - 500ml

  • Moisturising bath additive to treat dry skin
  • Protects and cleanses the skin simultaneously
  • Can be used by most adults and children
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Dermalo Bath Emollient is a straw-coloured, dye- and fragrance-free, bath additive for treatment of dry skin conditions, such as contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, eczema, senile pruritus, ichthyosis and others.

Most adults, with dry skin, including the elderly, can add this emollient to the bath and benefit from the oily, occlusive layer that it forms on the skin, which helps to trap moisture. Children can also use this product under supervision.

Dry skin is the result of lack of water in the upper layers of skin cells. The lanolin and liquid paraffin in this bath additive form a protective layer of oil that helps rehydrate the skin by slowing evaporation, making it feel softer and suppler.

The emollient can also act as a cleanser. It can replace standard soaps, which often contain substances that strip essential oils from the skin and worsen a dry skin condition.

Usage in the bath means that you experience the benefits of hydration all over the body, helping to prevent skin from drying out.




Dermalo Bath Emollient should be added to warm bath water (not too hot) while it is filling.

Adults should add 15 to 20 ml (1½ to 2 capfuls) to a standard 8-inch bath of water. Immerse yourself fully, ensuring areas of dry skin are all covered with the water, and soak for around 10 to 20 minutes. Do not use standard soap with this bath oil, as it may lead to further dryness. Afterwards, you should pat dry with a towel, taking care not to rub the protective layer of oil off.

If you want to use while showering, smooth 1½ to 2 capfuls on to wet skin. Then rinse off thoroughly and pat dry with a towel.

The emollient can also be used for infants and children. Add 5 to 10 ml (½ to 1 capful) to a small bath or basin full of water. Then immerse the affected areas with the bathwater and soak for 10 to 20 minutes, or use a sponge to spread it gently over the affected areas. Use a towel to pat dry.


Dermalo Bath Emollient can be used for dry skin on children, but it should always be stored out of their reach.

Take extra care around the eye area and rinse immediately with clean water should there be contact. Use only externally, though the constituents are not toxic if ingested, and are usually discharged naturally by the body.

Because this product contains liquid paraffin and acetylated wool alcohols (lanolin), you should be sure that you do not have a hypersensitivity to these (and all) ingredients before using.

The oil content in Dermalo Bath Emollient also makes the bath and shower surfaces more slippery than usual. Be careful when using, especially when getting into or out of the bath. After bathing, rinse the surfaces and clean away any traces of the emollient with a household detergent.

Any risk of using this product during pregnancy or while breastfeeding is considered low. Check with your doctor if in doubt.

Side Effects

Use of Dermalo Bath Emollient may cause contact sensitivity reactions or mild irritation occasionally. Discontinue usage if this is the case.

There are no known interactions between this product and other medicines.

Scientific Research

For people with Psoriasis

HelloSkin’s experts were not able to find clinical data on the impact of Dermalo Bath Emollient on psoriatic lesions.

The product contains liquid paraffin which helps to reduce water evaporating from the skin surface. Water evaporation is increased in psoriatic lesions compared with normal skin (1).

The product contains 5% Acetylated Wool Alcohols (a waxy substance obtained from the wool of sheep and sometimes called wool fat or lanolin). A lanolin/olive oil emollient has been shown to reduce dermatitis in preterm infants when applied for 4 weeks (2). Another study showed that pure lanolin applied twice daily for four weeks was effective in treating moderate to severe foot dryness (3).

It is important to notice that [lanolin] may cause contact allergy, and that the wool alcohol is believed to be one of the main sensitisers. It may cause contact sensitivity reactions, or mild irritant reactions may occur occasionally. In either case, treatment should be discontinued.


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