Cetraben Daily Cleansing Cream for Psoriasis, Eczema and Dry Skin - 475ml

Cetraben Daily Cleansing Cream for Psoriasis, Eczema and Dry Skin - 475ml

  • Dual-purpose moisturiser & cleanser for dry skin
  • Effectively hydrates & soothes itchy skin
  • Suitable for small children & babies
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Cetraben Daily Cleansing Cream is both a gentle cleanser and intense moisturiser, and it's therefore a suitable product for people with dry skin.

Many common cleansers contain ingredients that dry out or irritate skin. People with dry, itchy skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis need to be careful about the skin care products they choose. What’s left out is just as important as what’s included.

Because this cleansing cream avoids ingredients such as colorants, soap, SLS, parabens, perfume, and other potentially harmful irritants and sensitisers, it is less likely to aggravate dry skin.

The cream is designed for daily use both as a soap substitute and moisturiser. It is suitable for use not only by adults of all skin types, but also on small babies and children's skin, including those with sensitive skin.

While it cleans away everyday dirt, the rich emollients it contains help to restore the skin’s protective barrier, which prevents excessive moisture loss. This helps to gently rehydrate the skin, leaving it looking and feeling smoother and softer over time.

Cetraben Daily Cleansing Cream has a light texture, making it easy to use and quick to dry.

The Cetraben brand offers a small range of other skin care products with strong moisturising properties for people with dry skin.


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Cetraben Daily Cleansing Cream can be used both as a cleanser and a moisturiser that you leave on all day. Use it daily as required.

Before usage, depress the pump dispenser until you can see cream coming out.

When using this product as a cleanser, apply a little of the cream to wet skin in the shower or bath. Massage it into the skin before rinsing off with warm water. Dry gently with a soft towel.

You can then re-apply the cream as a moisturiser, rubbing it in gently and leaving it on for the skin to fully absorb it.


Cetraben Daily Cleansing Cream is for external use only and should be kept out of the sight and reach of children.

While the cream can be used on children, this should only be under the strict supervision of an adult.

Do not use this product if the skin has open wounds or is bleeding, inflamed, or broken. Keep away from the eyes; in the case of accidental contact, flush out with clean water.

Check the ingredients for possible allergies. If you experience an unexpected skin reaction, such as redness, stop using it and seek medical advice if symptoms do not ease.

Side Effects

The use of Cetraben Daily Cleansing Cream is rarely associated with redness and itching.

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