Becur Naloc Nail Treatment for Nail Psoriasis and infections - 10ml

Becur Naloc Nail Treatment for Nail Psoriasis and infections - 10ml

  • For discoloured or deformed nails due to infection or psoriasis
  • Prevents the growth of bacteria and fungus
  • Leaves the nails looking and feeling healthier
  • BBE Date 28/02/19
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Becur Naloc Nail Treatment is a clear, colourless liquid formula for discoloured or deformed nails resulting from psoriasis or a fungal infection.

Dry nails often lead to damage in and around the nail, and fungi and bacteria often form when nails flake or break.

This formulation works to increase hydration in the nail by helping it to bind more moisture. This softens the damaged layers, which can be loosened and replaced by smoother outer layers. This gradually improves nail surface integrity, and prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria by removing the conditions in which they thrive.

Nails are not only better protected and have better moisture balance; their appearance improves after a number of weeks of use. They should start to look smoother, healthier, and less yellowish or brownish.

Naloc is free from preservatives and fragrances and can be used for extended periods of time. While results can be seen in the first few weeks of use, to achieve a significant improvement in nail health and appearance, at least 3–6 months of treatment is generally required.

In most cases, a new, healthy nail will usually grow out to replace the damaged nail.


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Becur Naloc Nail Treatment is best applied once per day – ideally in the evening before bedtime.

The treatment can be used without first filing the nails. Hold the point of the tube onto the affected nails and press lightly. Spread a thin layer onto the nails using the point of the tube and ensure that the solution is applied under the free edge of any affected nails.

Then allow to dry for a few minutes.


Becur Naloc Nail Treatment is for use only on nails. Consult a doctor before using on children and always keep out of their reach. Avoid contact with the eyes and mucous membranes.

Do not wear nail polish while using this treatment, as this will prevent absorption and inhibit its action.

Naloc can be safely used by pregnant or breastfeeding women, as it works only locally (on the nails).

Read the list of ingredients before use. If you suspect an allergy to any of them, avoid using this treatment. If you experience an unexpected reaction, stop using it and consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Side Effects

You may experience a slight temporary irritation of adjacent skin and discolouration of the nail when using Becur Naloc Nail Treatment. In some cases, part of the nail may loosen or separate from the nail bed and lead to detachment. The nail will grow back and you should not be concerned, but check with a pharmacist if in doubt.

There are presently no known interactions with other pharmaceutical products.

Scientific Research

For people with Psoriasis

HelloSkin’s experts could not find any data on Becur Naloc Nail Treatment.

However in studies in fungal infections it was shown that the product did provide early visible improvements in nails (1).

The product contains propylene glycol, urea and lactic acid, all of which have a water binding capacity, resulting in a moisturising effect (2).


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