BackBliss Lotion and Cream Applicator - Clear Colour

BackBliss Lotion and Cream Applicator - Clear Colour

  • Perfect for applying lotions and creams on hard-to-reach areas
  • Washable and interchangeable pads
  • Easy to use
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With BackBliss Lotion and Cream Applicator’s ergonomic shape, you will be able to reach all the hard-to-reach areas on your back and shoulders, when applying lotions, creams and or sunscreen.

BackBliss has a patented design, which allows you to exert the correct amount of pressure to rub in even thick creams and lotions. At the same time, the thin pads absorb only small amounts of product and wastage is avoided.

All materials used are thoroughly tested and approved for frequent skin contact. The velvet-like foam pads are also suitable for sensitive skin. Additionally, hygiene is a guarantee, as these pads are washable and can be easily replaced with replacement pads.

The BackBliss Lotion and Cream Applicator comes with a travel pouch, one pad attached to the pad back and assembled, one replacement pad, and usage instructions.

Individual Product Dimensions

Length 310 mm

Width 65 mm

Weight 120 gms


To clean and prolong the life of the pads, simply wash the pad with water and soap or shower gel. It is not necessary to take the pads off the plastic back for washing. Dry thoroughly before reuse.

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