Australian Bodycare Face Balm for after shaving, prevents red spots - 100ml

Australian Bodycare Face Balm for after shaving, prevents red spots - 100ml

  • Moisturising balm for use after shaving
  • Helps prevent red spots & ingrown hairs
  • Contains tea tree oil & Tasmanian pepper
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Like most of the range produced by this Danish company, Australian Bodycare Face Balm contains tea tree oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia) blended with other natural Australian ingredients.

This balm helps to moisturise and soothe the skin after shaving, helping to prevent red spots, ingrown hairs, and other skin problems.

Tea tree oil is chiefly used in skin care products and cosmetics because of its antibacterial action. Ever since the trees were discovered growing in their native Australia, the oil derived from their leaves has been used for health purposes. It has been added to topical creams & products for cuts and abrasions, burns, insect bites, ringworm, and infections, as well as to fungal care products for athlete’s foot, fungal nail problems, etc.

It has also become a popular ingredient in skin care products. Tea tree oil is often used in everything from cleansers and body washes to shampoos and conditioners in order to soothe the skin, free it of unwanted bacteria, and to inhibit bacterial growth.

Australian Bodycare Face Balm combines tea tree oil with an extract of Tasmanian pepper, which soothes the skin and helps to prevent irritation. It also contains allantoin, which can help soothe damaged skin. Together, the ingredients leave facial skin feeling fresh, soft, and healthy after shaving.

Here on HelloSkin, you’ll find Australian Bodycare Face Balm in 100ml tubes.


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Australian Bodycare Face Balm should be applied to cleansed skin, after shaving.

You will notice the distinctive fragrance of tea tree oil after the balm is applied. While this soon fades, the active ingredients will continue to work throughout the day.


Australian Bodycare Face Balm should be kept away from children. Use the balm externally only and avoid contact with the eyes.

If you are hypersensitive to tea tree oil or any ingredient in this balm, do not use it. Seek the advice of a doctor or pharmacist if you experience a skin reaction that continues after you stop using the balm.

Side Effects

There are no side effects of using Australian Bodycare Face Balm.

Scientific Research

For people with Acne

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