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AproDerm Gel for Psoriasis &  Itchy, Cracked or Dry Skin - 500g

AproDerm Gel for Psoriasis & Itchy, Cracked or Dry Skin - 500g

  • Soothes, moisturises, and protects dry skin
  • Emollient properties to relieve psoriasis
  • Free of many common irritants like SLSs, fragrance, etc.
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AproDerm Gel is another in the range of AproDerm emollients formulated for the relief of dry skin conditions such as psoriasis.

This leave-on formula helps the skin retain moisture, soothing and softening it, and protecting it from further damage. It is an occlusive emollient that contains liquid paraffin. This helps restore the skin’s natural protective barrier, which traps moisture and prevents excessive evaporation. Often, in people with a dry skin condition, this barrier has been compromised, resulting in excessive moisture loss.

As a non-greasy, white gel, it is easy to apply without damaging clothing. It forms a protective occlusive layer and has a lasting moisturising action throughout the day. As it evaporates, the skin feels cooler and it also leaves it feeling smoother, suppler, and less itchy.

Importantly, this gel contains no SLS, halogens, or colourants, all of which are known irritants and sensitizers, often used in most standard emollient creams, lotions, and gels. They can worsen dry skin conditions, causing inflammation and further redness and itchiness, which causes more scratching and can lead to skin damage.

This gel can be incorporated into your daily skincare routine and can be used to treat infants and children, as well as adults.

AproDerm Gel is just one of the few products offered by AproDerm on our HelloSkin site. Products available on our site include AproDerm Colloidal Oat Cream.




AproDerm Gel can be applied liberally and frequently to dry skin as required, or as prescribed by your doctor or pharmacist. Use it before or after bathing and continue after your skin condition has improved, to help prevent flare ups.

Top tip:

Apply this gel using gentle downward strokes in the direction of hair growth and avoid vigorous rubbing of the skin.


AproDerm Gel should be kept out of children’s sight and reach at all times, unless being applied under supervision. Use it externally only and avoid contact with the eyes.

Before usage, test a small, non-affected area of skin by applying a small amount of the gel and leaving it for up to 48 hours. If there is no irritation, it should be fine to use more generally on affected areas of skin.

If you are hypersensitive to any of the product ingredients, do not use. Also avoid use on infected skin. In the event of irritation, stop using and consult a doctor if symptoms persist.

Do not use near fire - if this gel comes into contact with dressings and clothes, they may ignite more easily.

This product is unlikely to adversely affect pregnant or breastfeeding women when used as directed but, if in doubt, check with a medical professional.

Side Effects

Other than mild allergic reactions and local skin reactions, there are no reported side effects of using AproDerm Gel. No interactions with other medicines are known.

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