Subscriptions are the best way to get your products conveniently delivered to your door.


This is how subscription works

This is how it works

Choose your favourites
When you find that one product that just works for you, it's easy to add it to your subscription. You can add multiple products to your subscription.

Choose your plan
Our shipping dates are flexible. We can ship your order every 1 to 6 weeks or every 1 to 6 months. If you are going out of town you can log in to your account to delay your shipment.

Save money
To get started with your subscription, we'll give you 10% discount on your first two orders after which you'll get the same low prices as the rest of the store.

Add all the subscriptions you want
You can have all the subscriptions you want without no extra costs. That means you can have your favourite everyday cream delivered every 4 weeks and your special shampoo delivered every second month. It's simple to tailor subscriptions to your needs.



A subscription plan tailored to your needs

  1. Select the quantity and delivery schedule that fits your need.
  2. We'll automatically place your order and ship it to you by your weekly or monthly shipping day.
  3. Create your subscription: No commitments, obligations or fees.
  4. Full transparency: You can pause, edit or cancel your subscription anytime.