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Scientific approach

At HelloSkin we believe that transparency, education and proper guidance is key to optimal skin care. We know that the regular use of emollients and moisturizers are important to maintain healthy skin and keep the symptoms of your condition under control, but we also know that it can be difficult to know what to choose.

Emollient products should be applied both liberally and frequently to get the best results. Therefore it is important to avoid applying products with potentially problematic ingredients, but also to know more about the presence of beneficial ingredients that may support skin health.

With so many products to choose from it is difficult to find what works best for you. Naturally, this leads to frustration, reduced adherence and insufficient use.

We are determined to change that, by using scientific research to increase transparency, and to guide you in choosing a product combination that matches your personal skin needs.

At HelloSkin you will find products from many different manufacturers that all have one thing in common: they have been thoroughly evaluated and found suitable for one or more of the conditions we cater for at HelloSkin. And needless to say - we make sure that they are free of unwanted ingredients so that you can use in confidence.

What is our process?

Initial product screening - The risk assessment

  • All products available at HelloSkin go through an initial screening by a team of experts to identify potentially unwanted chemicals in relation to both general health, and particularly to skin diseases. These include chemicals primarily found within perfumes, preservatives, and suspected hormone disruptors. All ingredients in the ingredient list are assessed.
  • We have a comprehensive database of problematic chemicals - a ‘negative list’ - based on information published in the scientific literature, and from several relevant organizations, including the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (EU). Today, all products are evaluated based on the presence or absence of specific chemicals.

Secondary evaluation - Suitability for people with specific skin conditions

  • At HelloSkin we know that people are different, and that some skin conditions are more sensitive to certain ingredients than others. If a product passes the initial screening, its suitability for people with specific skin conditions is subsequently evaluated based on a strict set of criteria. These include information on the suitability of commonly found ingredients for people with atopic dermatitis and psoriasis, developed by an expert board of dermatologists.

    All products are ranked according to the presence of chemicals that may be problematic for some people. As an example, we believe that perfuming or masking ingredients are not suitable for sensitive skin such as atopic dermatitis, nor for children. Especially because we recommend a liberal use of emollients for optimal benefit, which is inappropriate if the product contains ingredients known to be allergenic. When you use the ‘product finder’ online, we make sure you only see results that are suitable for your age range, and the symptoms associated with your specific skin condition. For instance, if you have cracked or broken skin from your eczema, we do not suggest products containing high concentrations of urea, mainly because of risk of skin reactions such as intense stinging.

Is there any evidence that someone like me may benefit from using the product?

  • It is not easy to navigate the jungle of products and their claims. At HelloSkin we strive to make this process easier for you.
  • As an integrated part of onboarding any new product, we always look for clinical or scientific documentation from published studies that have investigated its effect in relevant target populations, and display our findings on the website. Also at the level of key ingredients we carry out investigations, to help guide people with skin conditions make informed decisions about what products to use.
  • The evidence section on every product page at HelloSkin primarily consists of results from studies published in peer reviewed papers identified in the online database PubMed, which contains references of more than 20 million biomedical and life science journal articles. We primarily search for published studies that investigate the direct effect of products (and key ingredients) on a skin condition. We also search for evidence related to the possible effect of a product (or ingredient) as an adjunct to other therapeutics, such as for instance topical steroids, ultraviolet light or other.

    We perform similar searches in the clinical trial registers https://clinicaltrials.gov/ (the largest clinical trials database, with registrations from > 170 countries around the world) and in the https://www.clinicaltrialsregister.eu/ (the EU clinical trial register) to identify any relevant studies that can be expected to be available moving forward.
  • References to studies where claims of clinical evidence of a product have been stated on the product web page, have only been considered if we have been able to identify the original publications in the scientific databases.
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