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Evidence Search Fact Sheet

All products on HelloSkin have been researched for scientific evidence. The findings can be found in the Research & Evidence section under each product.

The evidence searches have been performed by HelloSkin’s experts. The evidence section contains the evidence found by searching first and foremost the online database PubMed, that contains references to more than 20 million biomedical and life science journal articles. The evidence identified by HelloSkin’s experts consequently represents the evidence that was readily and publicly available through such scientific searches.

Primarily, searches have focused on evidence related to effects of the specific products (and ingredients) on psoriasis, but also searches for effects on other skin conditions have been included.

Further, specific product names in combination with search terms related to psoriasis and other skin conditions have been searched through the clinical trial registers ClinicalTrials.gov, the largest clinical trials database with registrations from more than 170 countries around the world and through the EU Clinical Trials Register.

Only the results of published studies investigating the direct effect of the products on skin conditions have been reviewed. Therefore, for instance evidence related to the possible effects of a product as an adjunct to topical therapeutics has typically not been considered.

References to studies where claims of clinical evidence of a product have been stated on the product web page have only been considered if we have been able to identify the original publications in the scientific databases, or found it through alternative searches on for instance Google Scholar.

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