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We improve quality of life for people living with a chronic skin condition by guiding them to healthier skin.

Skincare: Redefined

What if you could rely on data from millions of people just like you to not only understand what will work for your skin, but to be coached with personalised advice?

Here at HelloSkin, we’re working to make that vision a reality.

Powered by a global network of people living with sensitive skin, we use data to figure out what works for different people, living with unique conditions, and over time we will use this knowledge to guide you with a personalised combination of products designed to control your symptoms over a lifetime.

Every product on HelloSkin has been selected by our skin experts because they are determined to be both suitable and effective for sensitive skin. We will only ever stock products that meet our strict standards, so no matter what condition you live with, you can buy from us in confidence. Everytime.

Join us on our journey towards the future of skin care

A new order of hyper personalised skin care is within reach. But to get there we need to work together, as a global collective, to build insights about what works, when and how.

When you buy products from HelloSkin we’ll follow up with you to find out how your condition has changed or improved. These insights will feed into a growing body of research to help you, and others just like you, to make better informed decisions about how to manage your skin.

Our promise to you

We believe in a future where skin no longer holds anyone back from achieving their potential. To achieve that dream, you can count on us to shoulder the burden of finding the right daily routine and information for your condition, so that you can focus on the other things that make you, you.

Welcome to a healthier, happier, more confident version of yourself

Welcome to HelloSkin

The team

We are an international team of dedicated people striving to make life easier for people living with a skin condition.

Daniel Jensen

Daniel Jensen

Co-founder & CEO

Chris Christiansen

Chris Christiansen

Co-founder, Head of Global Sales & Operations

Christian Riemer

Christian Riemer

Scientific Advisor
MSc. Molecular Biology

Simon Quist Thomasen

Simon Quist Thomasen

Head of Nordics and UK

Steffen Angstmann

Steffen Angstmann

Data Scientist

Niels Pedersen

Niels Pedersen

Backend Developer

Niklas Markussen

Niklas Markussen

Full-Stack Developer

A partnership between HelloSkin and LEO Innovation Lab

Innovating to improve life of people with skin diseases

HelloSkin is developed by LEO Innovation Lab, an independent unit established by LEO Pharma as part of a long-term strategic decision to focus on patients’ needs.

We do not develop medical treatments, but we look at all the aspects of daily life that can affect a person with a skin condition.

LEO Pharma is owned fully by the LEO Foundation with no shareholders. The profits are reinvested in developing new solutions to support the overall mission:To help people achieve healthy skin.

The unique ownership structure makes it possible to run a unit like LEO Innovation Lab with the goal of making a difference for people living with a skin condition.

HelloSkin Core Values

A HelloSkinner is...

The best idea always wins. Be brutally honest, but never a jerk, and never compromise on the truth.

You’re not afraid to give credit where credit is due, and encouragement where it is needed. When somebody falls of the horse, help to get them back on. Celebrate victories - also small ones.

Everybody contributes in their own way to making HelloSkin a place where you want be every day. Everyone should strive to either give or get one laugh per day - treat others as you want to be treated yourself.

Learn from our users, learn from the data, keep developing and prioritise your self-improvement.

Take ownership, own your area, own your numbers, back it up. If you spot a red flag, raise it - don’t wait for it to become an issue. When you raise concerns, always come with ideas for a solution.

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