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Products for Dry Skin in Acne

Dry skin might not be your most dominant symptom when having skin prone to acne. In most cases people assume their skin is oily because of pimples. However, this is not always the case. Take a look at the healthy skin around your acne lesions. If the skin feels tight or dull with small pores, it can be a sign that your skin lacks moisture. The skin’s natural response to dry skin is to produce extra sebum, which can possibly clog the pores and thereby worsen the symptoms of acne.

If you are treated by medication prescribed by your doctor, it is very common to develop dry skin. Especially in such cases it is of highly important to use moisturising products as part of your everyday routine, since dry skin is more prone to cracking and breaking, making the skin vulnerable to infections, that might make your acne even more prevalent.

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