Diprobase creates creams and emollients for dry and eczema-prone skin and has done so in more than 30 years. The Diprobase brand is part of the Bayer Group: a global pharmaceutical and agricultural enterprise headquartered in Germany.

The range of Diprobase skincare products includes

  • Diprobase cream
  • Diprobase lotion
  • Diprobase ointment

The different products all have different qualities, which make them suitable for various needs such as long-lasting hydration or quick rehydration of the skin.

Diprobase cream

The Diprobase cream is marketed at people dealing with eczema and is not targeted at psoriasis patients. However, those with psoriasis may want to consider using Diprobase in their management of the condition as the products have the ability to soothe sore and dry skin. Diprobase cream emollient relieves the symptoms of inflamed and red skin which can be characterized by being dry, damaged or chapped. Diprobase cream emollient is perfect for areas which require extra moisture quickly.

Diprobase ointment

Diprobase ointment is an emollient and protective ointment used for the treatment of dry skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. It provides you with long-lasting hydration and is therefore recommended for night-time use.

Diprobase lotion

Diprobase lotion is a highly moisturising lotion that helps soothe, hydrate and protect your skin. It is recommended to use Diprobase lotion after bathing to prevent the loss of essential oils from your skin, especially, if you have mild eczema.

Diprobase’s moisturising qualities

One of the Diprobase emollient ingredients is paraffin, which helps in the restoration of the skin’s protective barrier, that is often damaged when having a dry skin condition. Poorly moisturised skin can actually make the condition worse. When applying Diprobase creams and ointments to your skin, the moisture from Diprobase is locked into the upper skin layers helping the skin to feel softer and suppler and relieves the itching as well. The products can be used as often as required. The Diprobase cream even has cleansing properties. Tt can therefore also be used as a substitute for soap when having a bath. Diprobase is suitable for the whole family as none of the products contain fragrances, parabens, lanolin and sodium lauryl sulphate – all of which can aggravate dry and sensitive skin conditions.

Quality skincare at HelloSkin

It is very rare to experience side effects after the use of Diprobase. If you are unsure whether creams and emollients from Diprobase suits your skin type or are afraid it will cause side effects due to your skin condition, we always recommend contacting you doctor when in doubt.

At HelloSkin we have a wide variety of products for different skin conditions such as problematic skin, eczema-prone skin, psoriasis and dry skin. The Diprobase cream is suitable for people with mild to moderate/dry skin symptoms, while the Diprobase ointment is best suited for people with more severe symptoms and can be used to ease flare-ups, that is when the skin becomes more itchy, red or scaly than normal.