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Creams for Dry Skin

With dry skin, it is essential to use creams and other moisturising products to keep the skin fresh and moisturised. Creams are easy to spread over sensitive skin and are relatively quickly absorbed into the skin. This is why many people with dry skin prefer creams for day time use. Depending on the severity of the dryness, you can choose a cream with either high or low content of lipids. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended that the drier the skin, the higher the concentrations of lipids is needed. Still, to be most effective, creams should preferably be applied every 3-4 hours if possible, or whenever your skin feels dry. Creams are often the preferred choice for day-to-day use. Like lotions, creams are also mixtures of water and lipids, but they typically contain more lipids than water.

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