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When you have eczema and itchy skin, it is essential to find the best skin care products that will help you manage your symptoms and soothe your skin.

We know how difficult it is to find the right skin care products that match exactly with your specific needs. That’s why we conducted a survey to help you find the right combination of products for you. We believe that the experiences of other people with eczema and itch may help guide the way. Based on the responses we got, we have put together different packages to make it easy for you.

Regularly moisturising with emollients can help ease the itchiness associated with eczema while also easing redness and locking in moisture. For this reason, we introduce you the importance of the emollient therapy.

What is emollient therapy?

Emollient therapy is a combination of cream, ointment, bath oil and emollient soap substitute and is an essential part of the skin care routine if you have eczema and suffer from itchy skin.

What are the benefits of an emollient therapy?

- Intensive use of emollients will reduce the need for topical steroids. (It should be emphasized to all patients that the quantity and frequency of use of emollients should be far greater than that of other therapies they may be given.) (1)

- Emollients are the primary treatment for eczema because they restore the defective skin barrier function, which reduces the frequency and severity of flare-ups. (2)

- The use of an emollient therapy is one of the simplest, safest and most effective methods to control atopic eczema and uses emollient cream, ointments, emollient soap substitutes and emollient bath and shower products. (3) 

    When showering and bathing

    A good skin care routine starts in the shower and bath. Use a soap substitute with emollient properties instead of a regular soap. 

    Its gentle cleansing action means it can replace soap, which often contains irritants that can aggravate damaged skin and skin conditions.

    Straight after showering, apply a leave-on emollient, which will help trap moist in the skin. Gently dry your skin by patting with a towel and then apply the emollient on the affected skin areas. Remember to apply in the direction of hair growth.

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    Throughout the day

    Try to wear soft and loose clothes that will make you feel comfortable. Clothes and shoes that are too tight can increase skin irritation and induce flare-ups

    Do not allow your skin to dry out throughout the day. Instead, apply a moisturiser whenever your skin feels dry, itchy or irritated.

    In the survey, 100% strongly agreed that Aveeno moisturising cream for eczema, dry and psoriasis had the effect that they were looking for to alleviate their symptoms(4).

    Aveeno Cream helps soothe and hydrate dry skin and is suitable for every part of the body. It contains refined oatmeal that is proven to rebuild the natural skin barrier and is free from parabens.

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    Evening and night

    An ointment or a high fat cream might be ideal for applying before bedtime. They can feel greasy and may not be cosmetically acceptable all of the time. So by applying them before bedtime, you avoid getting your clothes messy.

    Epaderm Ointment is highly effective when used at night for long-term moisturisation. It can be used by people of all ages including babies. It should be applied generously and frequently – even when the skin has improved.

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