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World Psoriasis Day: How You Can Get Involved

World Psoriasis Day is an annual day specially dedicated to people living with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. It has been celebrated every year on the 29th October for more than a decade. Created by the psoriasis community for the psoriasis community, this global event brings together people the world over to raise awareness, spread information, improve access to treatment and - perhaps most importantly - to give the psoriasis community a much needed voice.

No matter where you are in the world, there are a range of special World Psoriasis Day Activities taking place, and this year HelloSkin is proud to be supporting the Psoriasis Association’s event in our home city of Copenhagen.

We’ve rounded up some of the biggest events happening across the UK for our non-Scandinavian family, so that you too can take your pick and get involved.

‘Small Steps’ Campaign

On Sunday 29th October, the Psoriasis Association UK will be launching their much awaited Small Steps Campaign. This campaign will be a practical guide to the small, positive changes that will help you to live well with psoriasis. The guide features top tips provided by people who are living with psoriasis - maybe some of them might be worth a try for you too?

Keep an eye out on the Psoriasis Association UK's website on World Psoriasis Day to get your hands on the guide when it is released!

Psoriasis Patient Information Event at Guy’s Hospital

Are you London based? If so, you might be interested in stopping by Guy’s Hospital, where the psoriasis team will be in the main entrance with information and the latest news on psoriasis. Guy’s Hospital has a comprehensive research programme led by the Skin Therapy Research Unit, which includes clinical trials assessing new treatments in psoriasis. So you may find information about innovative new developments that could affect your future treatment options. Contact psoriasisadmin@gstt.nhs.uk for more information.

Join the study exploring how psoriasis impacts happiness

October marked an important month for the Psoriasis community. After input from 121,800 people across 184 countries - PsoHappy released the latest World Psoriasis Happiness Report. You can now download the report to connect with real life stories from around the world about how psoriasis affects well being.

This World Psoriasis Day, why not go a step further and become a PsoHappy Ambassador? By sharing your story, you’ll be contributing to a growing global community that’s committed to raising the profile of psoriasis’ impact on happiness.

Join the conversation online

One of the best ways that you can get involved this world Psoriasis Day is simply by engaging with online psoriasis communities so that your voices, experiences and stories are heard. Right now, thousands of people are connecting through social media to motivate and support one another, as well as raise awareness about psoriasis. Maybe you could share your own experiences with psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis to help others who may be feeling alone? Search for #getyourskinout, #psoriasiswarrior or #psoriasisawareness to join the conversation. Don't forget to check out our own Facebook and Instagram channels too!

Organise your own

World Psoriasis Day has been a largely grassroots movement driven by patients, for patients. So why not organise your own workshop, awareness-raising walk, or simply spend a few hours handing out flyers this World Psoriasis Day to let your community know about the day? If you organise something, we’d love to hear about it! We can help promote your activity and share some pictures afterwards to help you spread the word.

Remember, every little helps

No matter what you plan this year, remember that every little helps. You can spread the word about World Psoriasis Day by wearing orange and blue on October 29, or simply by reaching out to someone from the psoriasis community to let them know you are there for them.

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