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When Children get Psoriasis

Although psoriasis tends to affect more adults than children, one in ten people will develop this common skin disease before the age of ten. Psoriasis can cause anguish in sufferers at any age, but youngsters may be especially prone to negative feelings. With the correct guidance and treatment, however, children with psoriasis can learn to manage their condition and lead normal, happy lives.


Early diagnosis 

As soon as you suspect your child may be suffering from psoriasis, it's vital to get an early diagnosis from your doctor or a skin specialist, so that a treatment plan can be put in place as soon as possible. When rashes, red patches or scaly skin appears on children, it could be due to a number of causes, so getting the correct diagnosis is important from the word go.


Your child's feelings

Children who develop psoriasis may go through a wide range of emotions. They may be angry, upset, confused or worried, and may develop feelings of low self-esteem or anxiety. They may fret about what other children think or say if they see the red patches on their skin, which may make them feel withdrawn.

It's important to reassure your child and talk to them about the condition, and gauge how they feel so that negative emotions aren't allowed to fester. Some youngsters worry that they did something to cause the skin disease, so it's crucial that you put your child's mind at rest and reiterate that they're not to blame.

Explain that psoriasis isn't anything to do with being dirty and that it isn't catching. Reassure them that it's common and they aren't alone, and there are treatments that can help to make it better.

If it becomes an issue at school, whether your child doesn't want to do physical education because of their psoriasis, or they get bullied because of it, speak to their teacher as soon as possible to nip problems in the bud.



Psoriasis treatment options for children tend to include topical medications. Where steroid creams are used, these are less potent than those used for adults. Some youngsters may also be treated with phototherapy. Which treatment your child is given depends on their individual circumstances, and your GP will tailor a plan to suit their specific needs. Try to get into a routine with treatment, so that it feels 'normal' for your child, and not a big deal.

There are also many non-prescription skin care products available for children. Check out our selection of suitable products for children here, by matching the relevant symptoms with needs.


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