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What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a disease affecting the whole body, and you often see red, scaly patches which can be itchy or painful. As it affects the whole body it can also cause problems in joints, heart and vessels, and diabetes.  Despite people with psoriasis often isolates them self, it’s actually quite common, as it affects as many as one to two in 50 people.  

Psoriasis in the skin happens when the body starts to produce too many skin cells. This is thought to happen when the immune system – which usually protects the body – attacks its own cells, this is called an autoimmune reaction. It can affect any part of the body but it’s most common on knees, elbows, and scalp.
This is not an infectious disease so you don’t need to worry about it harming other people. It has a genetic element, which means that one may inherit the disease, but if you are pregnant it won’t harm your baby. It can come and go throughout life, but managing it effectively can make it less of a problem.

Managing your skin

In most cases, psoriasis is not dangerous, but you should always see a doctor if you think you are affected by it. This is because you may actually have a different disease that looks similar, or you may develop a more severe condition related to psoriasis. Your doctor or dermatologist will be able to help you.

There is no known psoriasis cure. There are, however, various forms of psoriasis treatment available depending on the type and severity of disease. You should consult with you doctor about this. There are also a wide range of emollients and moisturisers which can help you manage your skin.

Smoking and drinking a lot of alcohol can both make psoriasis worse. Many people find that eating healthy food, or even an anti-inflammatory diet (read more here http://treatapp.io/), drinking more water, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep can helps to reduce the symptoms.

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Living with psoriasis

What is psoriasis like for people living with it in the long term? If you struggle to adjust to itching or pain, you may be at risk of developing depression. Talking to other people in a psoriasis support group can help you find ways to cope.

If you have psoriasis on your face, you may find that you feel less confident about social situations and worry about what people will think of you. Some make-up can irritate psoriasis-affected skin or flake off and make it look worse, but there are products which can help you to disguise it, and you may also be able to distract from it by making up other parts of your face, wearing glasses or changing the way you do your hair.

Living with psoriasis can be a challenge, but there’s help out there, and it’s a challenge you can overcome.








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