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Travelling with psoriasis

When you're living with psoriasis, sticking to a routine can be a vital part of the coping process - whether it's the medication you take, the clothes you wear or the places you go. Breaking out of that routine can be intimidating, even if it's for as positive a cause as taking a well-earned holiday or going travelling.

Everybody deserves a break from time to time, so here are some tips to help ensure that psoriasis doesn't limit your travel experience.


If you've found a psoriasis medication that works for you, the prospect of running out or losing it can be stressful. Make sure you plan ahead for your holiday, and if possible request a prescription from your GP that will take you through your trip.

If this can't be done, you may be able to acquire a top-up while on your travels, depending on where you go. Contact the company that produces your medication and enquire about where it's available, and find the local translation if visiting a non-English speaking country. Then ask your GP for advice on getting a prescription from a foreign doctor.

When packing your medication, consider splitting it across your luggage if possible, so you still have an emergency reserve if one of your bags is lost or stolen. Don't forget to pack any ointments, emollients or supplements as well, as the availability of over-the-counter treatments can vary from place to place.


Dressing for a holiday with psoriasis can be a minefield. If you're travelling somewhere warm, pack lots of light, loose-fitting clothes to help you to remain comfortable. You should also pack extra clothing so that you can change through the day, particularly if you rely on a lot of topical creams that may stain your clothing or make it uncomfortable to wear for long stretches of time.

Sun safety

A little sun exposure can be very beneficial for the symptoms of psoriasis, so bare your skin whenever and wherever you feel comfortable. However, health and safety should always take precedent. Always apply suncream, and never allow yourself to burn. When it comes to sun cream and aftersun, you might be better buying before travel so that you can stock up on a brand that you know won't react badly with your skin.


Finally, relax! A trip abroad is the perfect opportunity to get away from your everyday stresses. You may not be able to leave your psoriasis at home, but with a little preparation, you can keep it firmly in the back of your mind while you focus on enjoying the holiday you so richly deserve.

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