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Tips To Stick With Your Emollient Therapy

Incorporating an emollient therapy into your daily routine has the potential to help you life live more confidently - and most importantly - more comfortably - not just in the short term, but over the course of a lifetime.

But we know it’s hard to commit to every day.

Here are our tips to help you stick with your emollient therapy.

1. Take regular progress pictures

When you see yourself everyday it can be hard to spot the subtle changes and improvements to your skin. Try taking weekly pictures to track your progress.

    2. Use emollients as part of your everyday routines

    For instance when brushing your teeth before going to bed, as the first thing when coming home from work. This will help to embed it in your daily routine.

      3. Focus on the positives

      Try to focus on the emollient that you actually apply and not the emollient which you forget. Every applied emollient is a small step towards more healthy skin.

        4. Find what works for your skin

        If you don’t feel that your skin is responding as you would hope, try first using a greater amount of the emollient product. If after some time this isn’t having an impact, switch a product with a high quantity of an alternative ingredient. You can contact us at HelloSkin for help finding an alternative.  

          5. Adapt to changes in your condition/life

          For instance increasing the amount of emollients during the cold and dry weather in the winter time. Be extra aware of your symptoms during stressful periods, and try to prevent flare-ups by eating well, exercising regularly, and avoiding things that you know are triggers for you.

            6. Connect with an online community

            There is a growing online community on social media of people with chronic skin conditions who share pictures and life stories, but most importantly by motivate and support each other on a daily basis. Search for #getyourskinout or #psoriasisawareness to join the conversation.
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