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The Healing Power of Nature

The story about Kimovi is the story of a new generation of products entering the battle against dry skin, and it all begins with a trip to Africa.

Here Allan Malmdorf, the co-founder of Kimovi, experienced how locals used a rather funny looking, sausage shaped fruit to soothe a range of skin conditions. The fruit stemmed from a tree called Kigelia Africana and had apparently been used as a natural folk medicine throughout Africa for centuries.

Allan wondered whether this odd looking sausage could help people ease their skin-conditions in the Western world as well?  
Through further investigation he found out that the fruit had already been researched on several pharmaceutical universities in Europe, resulting in well-documented effects on several skin conditions.

Allan Malmdorf joined forces with Jan Waage, a man with a long career in the medical industry, and together they’ve created Kimovi skin-care - a range of products that soothe and heal your skin with the help of nature’s own ingredients.

Kimovi have developed two product lines: the blue and the apricot. Under each product line you’ll find a gel, a cream and a pack of plasters -  a simple selection with a long list of beneficial properties. The products are centered around simplicity and are all free from perfume, parabens and artificial colours making it easy to choose the right fit for you.

Let us break it down for you:

The apricot product line

The formula in the apricot coloured products contain a high level of the skin generating components from the Kigali fruit. The extract from the fruit is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial at the same time thus benefitting itchy and red skin, while simultaneously supporting it's natural healing processes that rebuild damaged and irritated skin. The caring benefits of this formula makes it suitable for both children and adults with dry and sensitive skin.

The blue product line

Kimovi’s blue products are especially unique. They contain Thermal salt drawn from the depths of a salt mine in Sülbeck.  When combined with all the beneficial properties from the sausage fruit it has a doubly beneficial effect, making these products suitable for more severe conditions.

The thermal salt has antibacterial properties ,which means that the mineral helps your skin stay protected from daily stress-factors.
Furthermore, salt also has a benefit you might not know about: it decreases excessive cell growth. Is your skin flaky or feeling thickened? - If yes, then your cells are probably working overtime. The salt levels in the blue products will help stabilize the cell production and ease these symptoms.

You’ll find that the salt might sting a little on your skin right after you've applied the product. Children might find this uncomfortable, but the product is in no way harmful.

Cream, gel or plasters?

We’re going to guide you a little on the use and benefits of the different products within the Kimovi range, but you might also benefit from considering the trio as a handy little toolbox, enabling you relieve your symptoms once they appear and according their variety and severity.


The Kimovi cream contains shea butter and glycerin. Shea Butter is an emollient and will benefit your skin by creating a protective barrier which helps lock in moisture while Glycerin is a humectant that supports your skin in creating and holding water by attracting water molecules. This all sounds very moist, so you might already have guessed it: go for the cremes when your skin is feeling dry.


The Kimovi gels will create a thin, invisible film on the surface of your skin, without penetrating the layers, so it won't add any moisture but will maintain the moisture levels of your skin. This means that the gel is ideal for use when you’re experiencing greasy skin.


The Kimovi plasters have been developed for specifically for minimizing the symptoms of psoriasis, eczema and acne. During flare-ups you might experience, wounds, cracks, scaling and hypersensitive skin. The plasters help enhance the healing process and soothe pain and itchiness while minimising scarring.
Both silicone plasters are made with a new technology making them easy to remove again without causing damage to your already sensitive skin.

The blue plaster serves as an active patch and is ideal for wounds. It contains both thermal salt and the kigelia extract and will keep your wound moisturized. Its beneficial effects enhances the healing process, making your wound recovery up to 40% quicker compared to a traditional plaster.

The apricot plaster protects your skin during its healing process. It is ideal for use in combination with moisturisers and is sensitive to thinning skin making it ideal for children and babies.

Kimovi offers you the choice of not having to choose. Providing you with a simple range of products, containing a unique combination of proven ingredients, you’ll be able to effortlessly incorporate a Kimovi product in every step of your skin-care routine.

The Kimovi logo is an adinkra symbol of life transformation - perhaps Kimovi’s products will transform yours.

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