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Why should you remember to use emollients if you have eczema?

Using emollients helps to calm your skin: Overall, when comparing people who use emollients with those that do not, those who use emollients have beneficial effects in terms of reducing the number of flare-ups and prolonging the time in between flare-ups Using emollients help steroids work better: Combining topically applied...

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Starting School with Eczema

For children with eczema, the excitement of back-to-school can be overshadowed by worries about their skin condition, and parents and...

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How to manage eczema in babies and young children

Babies often get red, scaly itchy skin known as eczema. Around 1 in every 5 children in the UK is...

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How to combat dry skin from swimming

Lengthy dips in a chlorinated swimming pool or in the sea can leave your skin feeling dehydrated and, in turn,...

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The link between eczema and allergies

What is the role of allergy in eczema? There is some controversy with regard to the role of allergy in...

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