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Psoriasis | This Week's Top Articles from Around the World

At HelloSkin, we keep a constant eye on the latest news on psoriasis, general skin care, and other related topics. In this post we have gathered this week’s hottest news and inspiration. Read about a mother’s advice to parents of children with psoriasis, the latest health trend for latte-lovers, and an alternative remedy to possibly manage light flaking. Feel free to share your own experiences by commenting below.



A mother’s advice to parenting children with psoriasis

Jaime is the mother of a child with psoriasis. At the age of four, her son Andy was diagnosed with psoriasis and later with psoriatic arthritis. Years later Jaime herself was also diagnosed with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Jaime gives four simple advices on how to cope with children with chronic diseases.

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Include these foods to reduce inflammation

One way to help control the inflammation in your body is through diet. Diets rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, wholegrains, beans and healthy fats, like the Mediterranean diet, have shown to reduce levels of inflammation. However, what were the results of the study that linked low incidence of psoriasis to Mediterranean diet?

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Coconut oil versus olive oil

Read this full breakdown of probably the two healthiest oils available. There are significant differences between them when it comes to general use and nutrition facts, and both serve different purposes. The ultimate question is: which of the two is better?

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Why everyone is suddenly talking about blue latte

The newest health trend is called blue latte. The drink that is made up of blue algae powder (also known as spirulina) is full of powerful nutrients and antioxidants containing anti-inflammatory properties. So far the trend is spreading in the land down under. Have you tried it yet?

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Can a combination of baking soda, water and apple cider vinegar help clear flaking?

For some it may. Kathleen walks you through her experience of ditching shampoo and conditioner for a full two weeks. By using baking soda as “shampoo” and apple cider vinegar as “conditioner”, Kathleen’s hair felt clean and smooth, and it even helped her light flaking disappear. However, you may not want to through away your normal shampoo and conditioner quite yet.

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Lovin' summer plus a few fashion tips

The summer is over us and it is time to soak the sun. Read Helen’s uplifting post that will encourage you to get out and enjoy the summer. Do not worry about what other people think and “Get Your Skin Out”, Holly Dillon style. Finally, Helen provides a few fashion inspirations fitting for women with psoriasis.

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Potential new target identified for treating itch

A new discovery may explain why some people experience different types of itching. Scientists say that the discovery can help develop ways to stop certain types of itching.

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