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Psoriasis | Learn More in 7 of the Best Articles from This Week

This week, we have gathered 7 top articles that will give you insights about the myths and facts of psoriasis and the latest research, which shows that psoriasis affects not only the skin but leaves people with emotional marks and burdens. We also have a great anti-inflammatory recipe for you to try. Don’t forget to comment about your own advice and experiences at the bottom the page.



Psoriasis by the Numbers

Psoriasis is the most common autoimmune skin disorder affecting more than 125 million people worldwide. Do you want to know more about psoriasis in numbers? Follow the link.

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Topical Steroid Withdrawal: Myth vs. Reality

Learn about the myths and facts about topical steroid withdrawal and topical corticosteroids. A growing fear among patients with skin conditions and parents of patients is that topical steroids cause addiction and even symptoms after ending the medication. Get to know the myths and facts in this article.

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6 Things People with Psoriasis Wish You Knew

You have probably experienced it. Meeting new people and had to explain once again what psoriasis is and how it affects you. But somehow, people don’t understand. This article will explain the 6 main misunderstandings that people around you should know.

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4 Easy-to-Say, Hard-to-Do Psoriasis Tips

Easier said than done – that is probably how most people trying to manage their psoriasis feel. However, that doesn’t make the things less important to do. Howard Chang, a fellow psoriasis sufferer, provides 4 “good but hard-to-do” tips for handling psoriasis.

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Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Salad Dressing

Turmeric and curcumin has potential anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, which may benefit your psoriasis. Are you looking for a healthy good-tasting alternative to those fatty dressings then you have to try this recipe with turmeric provided by Clean Cuisine.

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National Survey in US - Plaque psoriasis patients find many treatments, but few are satisfied with their current plan

A survey of nearly 600 respondents with psoriasis finds that people have trouble finding treatment plans that work. Furthermore, people reports emotional burdens and many feel alone and stigmatised due to their skin condition.

  • 86 percent are embarrassed by their psoriasis
  • 81 percent are impacted emotionally by their psoriasis
  • 66 percent feel alone or isolated due to their psoriasis

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Combining Phototherapy and Biologic Treatments for Moderate-to-Severe Psoriasis

A recent review reveals that a combination of phototherapic and biologic treatments is safe and viable for moderate-to-severe psoriasis. Although, no regimen has been approved yet, it seems to be a feasible clinical strategy, particularly for people unresponsive to monotherapy.

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