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Psoriasis | Get Inspired by This Week’s Top Stories

August is psoriasis awareness month and at HelloSkin we help raise awareness by gathering the top stories on psoriasis. Read about the 10 things that you have to know about psoriasis, how Howard’s condition inspired him to advocate for others, and learn how psoriasis can be controlled through diet. Also, read about a new project set in motion by Skin Community UK that invites you to become a co-author.



Write about your skin in 500 words

Skin Community UK just launched an e-book project called “Skin So Many Words” and you can contribute with your story. People of all ages with experience of psoriasis, acne, eczema, vitiligo or other skin conditions are invited to be authors. The e-book is aimed at raising awareness and educating about skin conditions that usually get very little coverage. You can contribute with your story right now.

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10 things you need to know about psoriasis

Are you recently diagnosed with psoriasis? These are the 10 things that you need to know. Or perhaps you want to explain a friend or colleague what psoriasis is really about - this article will explain it all. Maybe you will even discover things you didn’t know yourself.

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Dealing with psoriasis at work

Are you wondering what people at work are thinking about you? It turns out they probably aren't noticing your flaws at all.

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How a painful disease inspired me to advocate for others

Howard has been struggling with psoriasis for most of his life. When he was a child, psoriasis was a liability that led to social rejections and stigmatization. Later in life Howard found and shared his voice. He became the “psoriasis guy” that others with chronic health conditions came to for a listening ear. Today, Howard is making a difference to people’s life.

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5 things to do before the next visit at your doctor

When living with psoriatic disease you will probably be visiting your health professionals on a regular basis, and when you do it’s important to communicate effectively in order to maximize your time in their office. A good preparation will help your doctor helping you better. Follow the link to learn the five steps.

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5 wellness tips for people with psoriasis

Well, these 5 tips would certainly benefit the wellbeing of all people, however, when living with an autoimmune chronic skin disease such as psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, these steps can make a noticeable change to your life for a healthier and happier you. 

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How sunbeds improved her condition

Chloe Muir has been troubled with psoriasis since her early teenage years. Chloe has tried various forms of treatment over the years but without luck. Then, one day, she discovered that UV light from sun beds made her skin less itchy and clearer. Now, although she is aware of the raising risk of skin cancer, Chloe uses the beds for up to 1 hour a week.

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Remedies & foods for psoriasis: can psoriasis be controlled through diet?

The answer is: Yes, psoriasis can be controlled through diet. In this article, Joséphine will explain everything you need to know about psoriasis and foods. Certain foods can help your psoriasis symptoms and other foods can aggravate them. What foods should you eat and which ones should you avoid?

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Treating psoriasis may reduce risk for other ills

Psoriasis treatment may reduce the risk for other health problems as well, dermatologist says. People with severe cases of psoriasis have an increased risk for other health problems, including diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol and heart attack. Psoriasis patients have to be aware of these possible health problems. Managing psoriasis is not simply about improving your skin, but caring for your entire body’s wellbeing.

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