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Psoriasis and Makeup

Psoriasis sufferers may be surprised to learn that celebrities such as America's Top Model CariDee English and Kim Kardashian West are also affected by the autoimmune disease.

Kim K. makes no secret of her reliance upon clever makeup techniques in creating her famously flawless appearance, and many of these tricks can be particularly useful for reducing the visibility of chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis.

It must be stated that psoriasis does not require covering up, and sufferers should not feel ashamed or obliged to camouflage their symptoms, which are essentially nothing more than the manifestation of over-productive skin cells. Holly Dillon's #GetYourSkinOut campaign is focusing on just that by encouraging fellow psoriasis sufferers to raise awareness by sharing pictures of their skin condition.

However, for those who make the personal choice to reduce the appearance of their condition, when used alongside a suitable skincare regime, makeup can provide a world of possibilities. Camouflage and corrective makeup specialists recommend the following approach:


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Keep it minimal

A few simple, high-quality products will achieve better results than a complicated concoction. Plus, the fewer products and ingredients applied, the less chance of the skin reacting negatively or becoming irritated. If in doubt, patch test each product before using.


Ask the experts

Consult other psoriasis sufferers, skincare consultants and makeup artists, either online or at the cosmetics counter, and ask for their advice as to which products are most suitable for your condition.


Preparation is key

1. Begin with a gentle, lipid-free cleanser, followed by a dermatologist-approved, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic moisturiser, and then a good quality primer to protect your skin from absorbing makeup and create a much smoother finish.

2. Counteract redness with a yellow or green toned colour corrector before applying a lightweight liquid- or cream-based foundation.

3. As an alternative to concealing, consider applying makeup to accentuate other features instead - draw the kind of attention you want to attract!

4. Opt for a gentle, sensitive skin-friendly makeup removal technique.

5. Most importantly, do not put pressure on yourself to achieve a "perfect" result. Stress is a major factor in autoimmune conditions such as psoriasis, so try to look at makeup as an opportunity to do something therapeutic and enjoyable. Looking good can be fun, but feeling good is what really matters, and psoriasis doesn't have to get in the way of that.



About HelloSkin

HelloSkin is the world's first online store for people with psoriasis. We provide a meticulous selection of non-prescription products ranging from creamslotionsointmentsbath additives and shower products to nutritional supplements and accessories.

Our team of experts research all products for scientific evidence and present the information in order for people to make a considered choice for their psoriasis. The mission is to provide transparency in the product selection process and provide people with all available product information at one place.


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