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No more dry, cracked hands & feet. Get ready for summer.

"Moisture-rich hands: Working as a mechanic means my hands are in awful condition. They are dry and cracked and most creams just disappear into my skin. Flexitol creates a barrier and helps keep my hands soft."

Itchy… red, dry and cracked skin… whether it’s your hands or feet, nothing will make you feel like hiding from summer more than problematic skin. Fortunately, relief is most definitely at hand, or wherever you need it most, with Flexitol.


With warmer weather just around the corner, it’s a good time to pay attention to your body’s largest organ -- your skin. Dry and cracked skin anywhere on the body can be distressing, but when the condition affects your hands or feet, it can be much more debilitating. While these may be relatively small areas of skin, your soles and palms are constantly being used all day long, so keeping them hydrated can be a difficult task.

The magic of Urea

Flexitol is purely focusing on creams and balms for treating and maintaining the skin on the feet, legs, heels, and the hands. The active ingredient in all products is urea, which is one of the body’s natural moisturisers. People with dry skin often experience reduced urea levels, which exacerbates the problems of dryness, soreness, and itching.
Replenishing urea levels with moisturising creams and balms improves hydration by increasing the water uptake from the dermis and reducing moisture loss. This gradually makes the skin smoother and softer.

Treat and maintain your feet, heel & legs

Spring and summer time most usual foot complaints are; calluses, dry, cracked heels and hard skin. Fortunately, so you can look on the bright side, Flexitol formulations are specially formulated to soften the skin on very dry, cracked heels and feet. We recommend these products, which are suitable for warmer days: 

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Relief is at hand -- literally! Why not try Flexitol yourself, either in the rich Hand Balm or the super-moisturizing foot and leg cream formula


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