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Meet The Women Who Are Proud To Have Their Pso On Show

Life with psoriasis can be isolating and overwhelming. We’ve heard from people across the psoriasis community who’ve been confronted with insensitive comments, blunt questions and hurtful stares. Though around 1.8million people in the UK currently live with psoriasis, many people live a lifetime without ever meeting another person with the condition. Despite your best efforts, it can be easy to feel alone when you live with psoriasis.

In this article, we’re putting the spotlight on a group of inspiring women across the UK are battling to fill that void. Here’s a look at some of the amazing people who are shaping online communities for people living with psoriasis, and giving others living with the condition the confidence, acceptance and information they need to learn to love the skin they’re in.

Get Your Skin Out

Get Your Skin Out is an social media movement that empowers people living with psoriasis to share their story, learn from others, and - perhaps most importantly - be accepted just as they are.

The campaign was launched two years ago by Holly Dillon, who decided to take matters into her own hands after finding herself at a dead end with her psoriasis. When she was at her lowest point, Holly choose to face her fears, own her condition, and support others to do the same by launching a campaign to help others to regain their confidence and love the things that make them different. #GetYourSkinOut was born.

What started with just a few images that Holly uploaded herself with the #GetYourSkinOut hashtag has since become a huge community with almost 6000 images of people sharing their stories and experiences. In the time since the campaign began, Holly has helping to put psoriasis on the radar and to give people the confidence to do things they never dreamed would be possible.

Afraid to wear a bikini on holiday? Scared to go to that job interview? Don’t live with that anxiety alone. Connect with the #GetYourSkinOut network, get inspired by others who’ve faced their fears and done it anyway. 

The Wee Blondie

Have you ever wondered which cosmetics, beauty and fashion products are ok to use when you have psoriasis? Fear not, Jude Duncan, aka The Wee Blondie, has your back. 

Jude has both eczema and psoriasis, and her blog contains a wealth of helpful information about safe and effective products for sensitive skin. Covering all kinds of topics from which moisturisers are best for facial psoriasis, to tips on her daily skincare routine, and even how to survive a long haul flight - Jude covers a range of topics to help people with helpful hints and tips to live life to the fullest.

As well all her helpful content on living with a chronic skin condition, Jude talks openly and honestly about her experiences with depression.

Psoriasis affects the lives of millions of people around the world. Its impact is not just physical; people living with psoriasis often also have to learn to live with the mental and emotional impacts of the condition - so we love Jude for speaking so frankly about her mental health journey.

Dry & Mighty

 With so many products out there that claim to be suitable for chronic skin conditions like psoriasis, it can be difficult to know where to start. Josie Aplin, founder of the blog Dry & Mighty, is road testing dozens of moisturisers and other products and then writing reviews about her experiences.

If you’re not sure whether to invest in a new cream that your GP or skincare specialist has recommended you, why not take a look at Josie’s blog to get her tried and tested take on how effective it was for her.

From scrubs, to creams, to light treatments and more - Josie’s doing the hard work to write up her experiences to help you make the best choices for your skin.  

Skin & Me

Louisa Sadler has lived with her psoriasis since she was twelve years old. After being inspired by Holly Dillon and the #GetYourSkinOut campaign, Louisa realised that she didn’t need to hide who she was, and began to spend more time going make up free. Rather than making her more isolated, taking this step helped Louisa to realise that the thing she feared most - having her pso on show - actually brought much more support and acceptance into her life.

Now Louisa has channelled that positivity into her online blog Skin & Me, which is aimed at giving people the information, tips and tricks they need to live life confidently - no matter how badly your skin might flare from time to time.

“At twelve years old I had no one to look up to for advice and how to deal with psoriasis on an everyday basis, so if I could spend a fraction of my time being that person I needed for someone else, perhaps more people would be open to talk about their skin.

Join Louisa on her blog and Instagram connect with a network of people who are out and proud with their pso skin.

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