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Keep Calm & Christmas On: How to stop your skin from ruining your Holidays

This month we’ve been focusing on managing your skin and stress symptoms throughout December, in order to help you avoid flare-ups while still allowing yourself to participate in festive activities that Christmas has to offer.

Today we’re wishing you the happiest holiday and giving you a little reminder to relax and enjoy yourself.

Be Present

Spend this day by doing everything else than worrying about your skin or condition and remember all the things which also make you who you are. Christmas day is a day for joy, relaxation and doing all the things that make you feel good. If you’ve been highly aware of triggers and strictly managing yourself throughout December in order to avoid the events, foods or stressors which could’ve provoked you skin condition, make today about everything but that. Let go and find be present in the moment together with the people you care about.

If you want to let go of some of the routines and heavy thoughts today, but you’re finding it hard to clear your mind of the habits of having to avoid or control certain things, you might benefit from using some of the tools we’ve recommended during this month.

Shift gears

Make sure you keep up with your usual skincare routines, both by cleansing and applying emollients. This will set your skin up for the day, but the rest is up to you!

Perhaps do some meditation to get into the mindset you want to be in. Find a comfortable position somewhere quiet and let your thoughts drift away. Try to focus your awareness on the present in order to steer yourself away from stressful thoughts. Studies have shown that positive thinking actually lowers the brains stress hormones so try and make a decision to shift your focus of the day onto the things you are grateful for.

Just do you

We could come up with a long list of tips and tricks you could try out, but on this particular day, give yourself the freedom to be you - whatever that entails.

Be with your friends and family, do the things you love and focus on whatever makes you feel good. Maybe you want stick with the coping strategies you’ve put to use to this December, because this is what makes you feel calm. Maybe you want to forget all about skin conditions and deal with it another day. Whatever you choose, be comfortable in this decision, accept it so you can have a fun and happy day

We at HelloSkin want to wish you a merry Christmas and we promise to continue our work to ensure that you are able to be the best version of yourself as you are so much more than your skin condition.

With that said: keep calm and Christmas on!

Best wishes,
The HelloSkin Team
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