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How to regain control of your psoriasis symptoms

Psoriasis begins in the immune system. It is a recurring autoimmune disorder that later shows its itchy effects on the skin. You'll usually know it's psoriasis as you'll have red, flaky patches on your skin ranging from mild to severe. They can show up anywhere, from your head to your nails. Although there's no cure for this, you can find ways to treat your psoriasis symptoms and experience relief. These ideas should give you a higher quality of life:

Eat a healthy diet

A healthy diet is always beneficial, but it could also help to treat your psoriasis symptoms from the inside out. Avoiding unhealthy snacks and eating as naturally as you can could help to minimise your symptoms. Enjoy a diet filled with veggies, nuts, seeds, fruit, and other superfoods.

Take appropriate supplements

Alongside your healthy diet, taking appropriate supplements could help your symptoms to ease off somewhat. You must make sure you're consistent with your diet and supplements to get the best results. Some supplements that could work for you include milk thistle, vitamin D, and evening primrose oil. However, you need to be cautious that anything you take will not affect other conditions you may be living with.

Stop your skin from drying out

Don't let your skin dry out, as it can be extremely uncomfortable. Prevent it with a humidifier in your home, and make sure you use sensitive moisturisers and treatments on your affected areas. 

Avoid things that could irritate your skin

You might find that certain things irritate your skin. This can include things like soap, perfume, and even hair colour products. Make sure you always read labels so your psoriasis does not become inflamed. 

Take lukewarm baths

Hot baths could irritate your skin, but lukewarm baths will soothe your symptoms nicely. You can also add things to your bath, like salts, oils, and even milk. 


De-stressing can be easier said than done when you're living with a condition such as this. That being said, it's crucial to your mental health to do so. If you don't, you may get caught up in a vicious cycle, making your psoriasis worse. Do what you can to relax. Maybe consider deep breathing exercises and light physical exercise. 

Quit bad habits

Bad habits like smoking and drinking can cause this condition to flare up. These two things can be triggers for many people, so work on cutting them out to experience relief!

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