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Having psoriasis made me very self-conscious

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Steve Lambe runs his own mechanical engineering business in London. Originally from Dublin, he lives with his partner and 10 year old daughter. Steve is also a keen climber and has climbed mountains all over the world including Kilimanjaro. However, he freely admits that one of the biggest mountains he’s had to climb is the ongoing fight he has had as a psoriasis sufferer.

Having had the condition since his early 20s, Steve remembers that it first appeared on his scalp, ears, neck, elbow and legs and it got progressively worse from there. He remembers being told by a leading private dermatologist that he had psoriasis coverage on 70% of his body which should have resulted in a referral for further specialist care but this never happened. Steve was left to try various ways of managing his skin condition, none of which resolved the problem and he felt let down by the medical profession. He still feels that there is a lack of understanding of psoriasis in the medical community.

“I don’t really think the doctors and specialists ever got to grips with what was going on with me and I felt abandoned. I’m sure this was the way many other people with psoriasis felt too although at the time I was only concerned about myself. My sister suffered with it and I’d say she had it even worse than I did."

“None of the steroid creams prescribed to me ever did the trick and I was taking way above the recommended daily dosage of the vitamin D supplements I was taking.  I tried Chinese remedies I’d heard about which did nothing but burn my skin and irritate it even more and I even resorted to buying my own laser kit from the internet which made me very ill. I tried laser therapy with a specialist but I was badly burned during the procedure by a trainee nurse so I didn’t continue with that. Nothing was working and my frustration and stress levels just snowballed, which in turn worsens the condition. It really is a vicious cycle when it comes to psoriasis."

“My only real success had come from my climbing. Going to different parts of the world sometimes at very high altitudes worked wonder for my skin and my wellbeing. Being able to let the sun get to my affected limbs is such a great feeling and I love being outdoors. But of course, this can’t be the case all the time. Everyday life and my job gets in the way and being back at home, fully covered up inevitably results in painful and frustrating flare ups.”

Steve says that psoriasis has undoubtedly affected his confidence throughout his life, especially with relationships. “I’ve had a couple of failed relationships over the years and my condition hasn’t helped.  Sometimes intimacy can be very difficult as can the emotional state of mind that accompanies the painful itching, scratching and redness. I’m very happy now with a very understanding and supportive partner and a beautiful 10 year old daughter.”

Although Steve is active and fit, he has missed out on experiences in life and anxiety often got the better of him.

“Having psoriasis made me very self-conscious. I don’t like crowds even to this day and I can’t go to the cinema or theatre. It just makes me feel so uneasy. I’d never felt comfortable enough to take my children from a previous relationship to the swimming baths. This was hard as this is just a normal dad duty and I couldn’t do it."

“But with my passion for climbing, I take people up mountains all the time, act as their guide and encouraging them to push themselves. It’s like being two different people but being outside, getting fresh air and enjoying the sun I was a different bloke entirely.”

Like so many other Sorion users, Steve found Sorion on HelloSkin: “I was fed up. Nothing was working and I made contact with HelloSkin online to find out if they could help me. Sorion was recommended so I ordered some. Having tried supposed wonder remedies from China previously I was sceptical at first but Sorion had an instant impact. Within a week or so my psoriasis had improved massively, the itching had stopped and the raised patches on my skin had smoothened and softened. I still have a few isolated patches in some areas but they are much better and it’s a small price to pay when there has been so much improvement elsewhere all over my body.”

After experiencing such a dramatic improvement, Steve has recommended using Sorion to his sister who like him has been plagued by psoriasis for most of her life. She too is now feeling much better after discovering Sorion and HelloSkin.

“I feel my life is completely changed as a result of using Sorion for just a few months. Years of using steroid creams had ravaged my skin, causing dark circles and creating patches that won’t tan in the sun. They’d also killed my body hair. Since no longer using this stuff my body hair is growing back along with freckles and a natural skin tone, which I am so thrilled about.”

Steve is very passionate about helping others whose lives have been blighted by psoriasis. Being a mechanical engineer he encounters lots of men with physical jobs who also have psoriasis and he recommends the use of Sorion to them unreservedly. He even has spare tubes in his car which he has been known to offer to people in order to convince them of its effectiveness. He also tells other sufferers about the HelloSkin website, even recommending it to a Russian man who Steve recognised as a psoriasis sufferer after noticing his sore, red flaky skin on a beach in Cyprus!

“I don’t want people to waste time using steroid creams and some of the outlandish and dangerous methods I’ve resorted to over the years. I also think the medical profession needs to understand more about psoriasis and the effects it has on sufferers’ mental wellbeing – as it has on mine. This has been something that I feel has been simply overlooked for 25 years.  The natural ingredients in Sorion ensure that it should be trialled by every psoriasis sufferer long before they are trying steroid based creams, injections, light therapies and other treatments which, as in my case all had unpleasant side effects and just left me feeling worse, back at square one."

“This is the longest I’ve been virtually clear since first developing psoriasis in my twenties and although it feels great – it’s been a long, long time coming and I’ve missed out on so much. One of the greatest pleasures is being able to pull on a pair of shorts and walk around without a care in the world, which this year because of Sorion, has been a regular thing for me.”

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