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Could your new year’s resolutions be harming your skin?

Everyone knows January is the month of New Year's resolutions. It’s time to make a change and people are almost queuing outside the local gym and perhaps your fridge is resembling a greenhouse, bursting with vegetables and fruit?

The question is: have you made skin friendly resolutions? Keep reading as we break down the 5 most popular New Year's resolutions and the  influence they can have on your skin. 

1. Eat better

If you want to win at this resolution whilst being mindful of your skin at the same time, remember that It’s not about losing weight or eating less - it’s about eating right.

What you eat can be a factor in the severity of your skin condition due to fat-cells producing inflammatory molecules also known as adipokines.  Fully understanding the ways your diet might affect your skin can be hard, as the meals we eat are often mixed together from different foods and ingredients. Due to this you might benefit from trying an elimination diet in order to figure out which foods can cause a reaction to you skin, but don’t stress yourself or you skin with a very restrictive diet. Try reading Katie Sheen’s article on a mindful approach to elimination diets to make sure that you’re taking care of yourself during the process. 

Keeping all of the above in mind will ensure that this resolution will only benefit your skin and the rest of your body as well.  

2. Exercise more

People who have psoriasis will benefit from increasing their exercise. Psoriasis is associated with something called the metabolic syndrome. The syndrome represents a group of symptoms that increase the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and strokes and these risk ar increased amongst psoriasis patients who are overweight. Making the choice to exercise more in 2018 will help you either maintain a healthy weight or lose some, decreasing the risk of metabolic syndrome while stabilizing your overall health and kickstarting some serious endorphin-production. You can read much more about metabolic syndrome, and how to get started on a healthier lifestyle in our previous blog post on the subject!

3. Spend less money

Having a skin condition can often mean that you spend a significant amount of money trying to find solutions that help soothe and clear your skin. Recommendations on which products and methods you should use can span from super-expensive creams and treatments to cheap pharmacy brands, and it’s hard to figure out what’s actually working.

Many end up with a grand selection of discarded, half-used products - a frustrating testament to the money you’ve spent on something that failed to help.

Let’s fulfill this aspiration for 2018 by making this the year you figure out which methods and products work for you, so you can save the unnecessary skin care expenses.  

As you might already know, all the products available at HelloSkin have been screened by our medical experts. This means that you can easily find products suitable for your condition and we’ve made sure that the products are safe to use for people with sensitive skin.

Remember that you can always find guidance and information, both on the blog and our product pages, but also through our great medical team. They are experts on skin, and they’ll be more than happy to help you find a regimen supplied with products that work for you. So, feel free to contact us at any time!

4. Self care

If the 3rd most popular New Year's resolution is on your to-do list for 2018, you’ve made a great choice!

Whether you have eczema or psoriasis you’ve most likely experienced that your condition is worsened whenever you feel stressed. This happens because stress triggers a signal in our brains which will produce adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol. These are the body’s stress hormones and they work to activate the immune system in your skin and this is why you experience flare-ups during stressful periods in your life.

We will all experience feeling pressured at different times in our lives, but studies have actually shown that meditation based mindfulness can have a significant effect on e.g.  psoriasis clearance. Take some time out everyday to focus on yourself and you might just discover that taking care of you can help you take care of your skin as well.

5. Read more

There is probably no doubt that number 5 on this list won’t harm your skin - that is unless you seclude yourself inside with a ton of books all day and miss out on the vitamin D that your skin needs. But, all jokes aside, what does reading have to do with your skin then? Well, why not use this resolution to increase your knowledge on skin conditions and what is happening in your body when you experience flare-ups, redness or flaking? Knowledge is power, so we urge you to use 2018 on learning more about your skin and educate yourself on great coping techniques and other methods that help soothe and benefit your skin and make you feel good as well.

Follow the HelloSkin blog throughout 2018 - we promise we’ll provide you with lots of great content with information, tips and tricks on how to make 2018 the year of being the best possible version of you.

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