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Feeling tired? Get your energy back with these simple steps

If you’re one of the estimated 6 to 7.5 percent of adults in the UK and America who suffer from bouts of unexplained fatigue, you might find yourself wondering why you have no energy and feel permanently run down.

For people who regularly suffer from fatigue, this debilitating condition can lead to feelings of helplessness and even depression, and it usually prevents people from living a full and satisfying life.

But could you be looking in the wrong place for answers? Research suggests the answers to unexplained tiredness and fatigue may lie in the gut.

The link between gut bacteria and chronic fatigue

Inside your gut right now there are over 100 trillion cells, which new studies suggest have a much bigger impact on our health than previously thought. Among that army of cells are both good and bad bacteria, which, when in balance, help to improve digestion, strengthen the immune system and produce the vitamins your body needs to stay healthy.   

When those gut bacteria get out of balance, you may start to experience a range of unpleasant side effects such as poor digestion, poor skin, extreme fatigue and nausea.

How to maintain a healthy gut and reduce tiredness

Incorporating additional nutritional support into your daily routine can have a positive impact on your gut balance, by helping bridge the gap of the most common vitamin and mineral deficiencies. 

Nutritional supplements can help to promote better wellbeing and boost energy levels by correcting the often hidden underlying condition associated with tiredness and fatigue. They are a convenient way to boost your gut with extra, beneficial bacteria because they don't require any cooking or meal planning, plus they're easy to take with you if you're going out for dinner or on a trip.

One such supplement is Puori's Synbiotics SB3, which combines probiotic (containing live bacteria) and prebiotic (indigestible fibre-based food for bacteria) properties in a convenient, easy-to-use formula. The Synbiotics SB3 formula is scientifically proven to balance the gut microbiota, delivering the associated health benefits, boosting energy levels, and fighting fatigue. As well as 13 billion live bacteria, each stick of Synbiotics SB3 also contains Vitamin C, which protects cells from oxidative stress and inflammation and boosts the immune system.

Find out more about how you can get your first 30-day supply here and start fighting your fatigue the natural way.

Boost your body with fish oil

When it comes to fat, there's one type you don’t want to cut back on: omega-3 fatty acids. Not only does your body need these fatty acids to function, but also help to improve brain function, lower your risk of heart disease, curb stiffness and joint pain, fight depression and even help babies develop healthily during pregnancy. 

Aim to eat oily fish high in fatty acids two to three times a week to get hit your recommended intake.

If fatty fish isn’t always on your plate, you may want to add some fish oil to your daily regimen. One dose of Puori O3 is equal to 99g of wild salmon, and can be taken as part of your evening meal to give your body a natural boost of much needed fatty-acid goodness. 



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