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Dry skin in the summer - a guide

Dry skin is usually associated with the winter weather and winter months. However, summer time can also wreck havoc on your dry skin, especially if you live in a dry, low-humidity climate. Here are the common culprits of summer that can make your skin go from smooth and supple to dry and dreary.

1. Increased sun exposure

When you body experiences a new climate or a new temperature, it's natural for it to react differently. If you have fair skin and experience a lot of sun burn, your skin will dry out and as a result turn flaky. Prevent dry skin by limiting direct sun exposure, especially during the hottest parts of the day, and make sure you wear sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30 and reapply when out of the water. (Dry skin suitable sunscreens you can find here) Use a hat to protect your head too!

2. Harsh soaps

There are a variety of chemicals in various bug repellents which you may use for visiting new countries or various gardening products which can irritate and make skin feel dry and itchy. This is because the natural moisturisers and oils that are naturally within the skin dissolve away when we frequently use harsh soaps or alcohol-based products. To combat this, use a moisturiser for dry skin. Avoid fragranced creams which can irritate the dry skin further. Better yet - switch to soap substitutes - they not only gently cleanse the skin, but also effectively moisturise it. In some instances they are even better at removing dirt due to their oil or emollient content. You can find the best soap substitutes screened for dry skin here.

3. Bathing and swimming

In the summer months, we seem to bathe and swim more. Possibly due to sweat and warm opportunities to embrace swimming! It can seem counterintuitive that water can cause dry skin. However, hot water can strip the skin of its natural oils, this is especially true of chlorine filled pools. To protect your skin, you should try and avoid chlorine as much as possible, and regularly take short warm showers to rinse the skin properly. To protect your skin from drying out apply either sunscreen or a suitable moisturiser before swimming, and after rinsing your skin. To learn more how to protect your skin when swimming, click here to read our article with several handy tips!

4. Air conditioning

Summer time also sees an increased use of air conditioning to try and cool the body, but this can cause problems for dry skin. Resist putting the air conditioner on high. This can be especially relevant in offices or in warmer countries all around the year, where air condition is often placed in eye level. Keep your face moisturised and use suitable face creams to prevent skin on the face from feeling tight and uncomfortable.

5. Caffeine & alcohol

It's always tempting to enjoy a cocktail while relaxing by the pool, however, caffeine and alcohol both cause dehydration. If you suffer from dry skin, don’t aggravate the situation with over indulging in caffeinated sodas or alcohol.

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